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Facilities Manager Job Description

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the service management and process implementation supporting all core business units, by making sure that the company maintains the most ideal working environment for all employees and activities in line with the company budget and schematics.

The Facilities Manager must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Facilities Manager works as an independent service unit, focusing on business practice improvement through efficiency and cost reduction indicators while increasing overall productivity.
  • The Facilities Manager is a multi-facet role, requiring specialization in various aspects of performance management and productivity through cost reduction depending on the organizational structure of the company. These can be procurement and contract management tasks, ground maintenance responsibilities, cleaning and janitorial management as well as security and communications infrastructure.

Skills that Facilities Manager should posses:

  • As a Facilities Manager you are expected to work in all sectors of the industry and reflect an outstanding work ethic in the function of operations, technical services, property management and estates responsibilities.
  • A facilities manager is expected to be skilled in future development planning, directly concerned with strategic business goals and calculating required goods and services to achieve the most value for money.
  • Facilities Managers should have the skill to maintain relationships with contractors and clients to maintain the suitability of new purchases and goods required to improve the productivity and operations of a business unit.
  • A Facilities Manager is expected to have the knowledge in client relations management and bring in new business partnerships that promote company productivity such as contractors, security agencies and janitorial services.
  • You are expected to manage a team of dynamic individuals and promote a healthy work environment that fosters a competitive drive to showcase talent and reward those who have provided service of great value for the department.

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