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Custodian Job Description

The Custodian job is to keep buildings and grounds clean and safe. The Custodian is a semi-skilled employee who works directly cleaning using soaps, chemicals, waxes and the use of various machines.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Custodian normally has job assigned by supervisor.
  • The Custodian cleans particular areas.
  • The Custodian does maintenance work on equipment when needed.

The Custodian must be in a good physical condition in order to perform his/her job duties. The Custodian must have at least high school diploma and be capable of reading and writing. The Custodian must be able to follow directions and perform work duties with limited supervision. The supervisor will train the Custodian to use the equipment that they have available and he/she must be able to operate the equipment on their own doing the job function required.

The Custodian assignments are to clean floors, windows, fixtures, stairs, restrooms and doors. The cleaning process is normally done with brooms, mops, brushes and cleaning cloths. The Custodian usually will need to use cleaning supplies and some of them have harsh chemical compounds that need the Custodian to take great caution when using. The Custodian will need to use various machines such as buffer, vacuum cleaners, carpet machine, etc. The Custodian must know the regulations on safety measures when using harsh cleaners on the floors and other areas. Combining chemicals can be harmful as they could explode, breathing some chemicals is dangerous to the lungs and a mask needs to be worn. Other chemicals can be harmful to your hands so you might need to wear safety gloves. The Custodian must be able to recognize cleaning agents and the chemicals that they are made from. The ability to read is very important because all these chemicals give warning plus what to do in case of an emergency.

The Custodian is supposed to do routine maintenance items like replacing light bulbs for the tenants. The Custodian is supposed to maintain mechanical equipment and heating and cooling equipment by starting, stopping and adjusting the controls switch. The Custodian is the one who takes out the trash, moves furniture around and does various other jobs. In many places the Custodian is also responsible to mow the grass, trim the bushes, replant flowers when needed or does any other type of lawn work as required by the property owners. The Custodian is also responsible for the removal of snow in the winter from parking lots, driveways and other areas that might prevent the tenant to enter. The sidewalks are kept clear and snow melt is placed along the walkways to keep it safe for anyone who enters or leaves the building. The Custodian might be in charge of just particular areas of the building depending on the size and the amount of work required.

A Custodian could be held accountable for just the outside areas keeping the parking lots clear, grass mowed, snow removed, and the flowers and shrubs trimmed. Along with that the Custodian might be ask to keep an eye out for strangers on the premises. While other Custodians work inside office buildings cleaning the floors, hallways, and break room areas. These Custodians must take care of the public bathrooms making sure that they are kept clean during the day. Depending on the type of business they may be expected to clean up messes on the spot that customers create. The Custodian will buff and wax floors, vacuum the floors, dust desks and other areas keeping the office cleaning.

The Custodian that works for apartment complexes usually does not clean the inside of an apartment unless the tenant has vacated it leaving it available for a new tenant. Then the Custodian will go in and thoroughly clean the apartment floors, bathrooms, kitchen and other areas. They will also clean the windows and doors if needed. The Custodian may need to do some repair on the apartment like replace door knobs, spot removal etc. Major repairs are done by a professional but the Custodian is the one who can spot any major repair needed. The Custodian will clean the hallways and stairways in an apartment. They also take care of the outer surroundings but never enter into an apartment without the permission of the manager and the tenant.

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