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Kitchen Manager Job Description

In today’s modern world, a lot of restaurants are hiring kitchen manager to maintain an orderly and well-organized management in the cooking area. If you love to cook and manage a kitchen, then reading this article will certainly make you knowledgeable on the particular job.

What is a kitchen manager?

Kitchen managers are responsible in a wide variety of roles and responsibilities which include overseeing the entire kitchen operations. They supervise other staff in the kitchen and make sure that they are working accordingly on their specified duties. Kitchen managers should also make certain that the cooking areas are healthy, clean and safe for the public as mandated by law.

Duties of a Kitchen manager

  • Kitchen managers must pay particular attention to food preparation and the standards that are implemented in their workplace or restaurant. They are the one responsible in supervising all kitchen employees and make sure that all personnel perform correct food preparation tasks and duties on a regular basis.
  • The staff in the kitchen is responsible in preparing food according to certain recipes. With this, a kitchen manager must make sure that employees adhere to the institution’s instructions. Kitchen managers must also make sure that the food served by the customers comes in high quality.
  • It is the responsibility of a kitchen manager to ensure that the kitchen area as well as the surrounding is kept tidy and sanitized. All cooking utensils and food preparation sites must be kept clean, properly wiped and sanitized routinely.
  • Kitchen managers should oversee the inventory of items. They should make certain that proper inventory levels are stocked and maintained. Having an appropriate inventory level will ensure that the important cooking ingredients are accessible for food preparation and cooking.

Condition of Work of a Kitchen manager

Kitchen managers work in any institution whether it is a restaurant or a five star hotel. They supervise those employees that are assigned in the kitchen. They also earn higher salary as compared to other kitchen employees. They oversee the kitchen area including other volunteers and staff that engage in various activities linked with food preparation, production, and services.

Educational Requirements of a Kitchen manager

Aspiring candidates must obtain a degree in Nutrition, Food technology, Food and Beverage Services Management, Dietetics, HRM or Hotel and Restaurant Management and any other relevant courses.

Occupation and Progress of a Kitchen manager

Job prospects for kitchen managers are expected to be good on the year 2018 despite having a slow employment growth. Because of the expected boost in terms of education, working experience and good kitchen management skills, more people will be attracted to this particular job on years to come.

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