MRP Controller Job Description

by Publishing Team on May 10, 2011

Every business should ensure that every products and services that they offer meet the quality standards and needs of their clients. Someone is responsible in doing this in the company and this responsibility is at times directed under the supervision of MRP Controller. What can they do actually in the business? Here’s what a MRP Controller job functions.

What is MRP Controller?

Material Resource Planner (MRP) Controller is the one who handles the relationship between the customer, product demand, production inventory and others and make sure that the relationship is balance between them. They are common among industries such as automotive, retail businesses and even in government projects. They are also responsible in forecasting the sales and scheduling the production in order to meet all the requirements needed both by the business and its clients. They too are involved in maintaining the relationship between other co-employees and reports directly to the senior management team in the company.

Duties of a MRP Controller

A MRP Controller handles the following duties but these are not only limited to these:

  1. They budget the stock value and maintain it.
  2. They optimize the stock level, classify it and make sure that the stock value meets the needed availability for the clients.
  3. They work with the engineering department to make sure that technical specifications of the stocks are correct.
  4. They conduct market research to make sure that all materials are of high quality standard.
  5. They classify the products according to the set categories.
  6. They need to forecast the trends in product consumption to provide the needed number of stocks and its turnover.
  7. They evaluate the supplier and manufacturer base on their performance and technical ability.
  8. They follow the working conditions and follow safety procedures in the workplace.
  9. They too build supplier management and relationships.

Work Condition of a MRP Controller

MRP Controller typically work in the office but most of the time they work they work in conjunction with the engineering department and production department of the company. They also conduct factory visit to make sure that all products made are right on schedule and meet the quality standards. They directly report to the senior management team of the company regarding product issues and others.

Educational Requirements of a MRP Controller

To become a MRP Controller need to have verbal and written communication skill as well as mathematical skill such as statistics and probability. It is also necessary that they need to have computer skills particularly in database applications and spreadsheets. Some of the companies require that their MRP Controller has a five years experience in bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in any related filed such as engineering and business. They need to take some professional certification too.

Occupation and Progress of a MRP Controller

A MRP Controller can advance their career as senior MRP controller or can be part of the senior management team of the company if they do well in their job responsibility. This is one of the in demand work that most companies would look for because every companies need to produce new and unique products in the market too. According to the survey conducted in 2010, the average salary of MRP Controller is about £61800. Not a bad career indeed.

If you got new ideas in mind and what to make quality products then you can be a MRP Controller. Just make sure you are certified and got the skills to do so. This is a good career that is pay quite good enough too.Why not consider this one too?

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