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Outing Coordinator Job Description

The outing coordinators are those in charge for having a successful outing.

We must be in contact with that person on an ongoing basis to insure the success of the outing. The person designated as the “outing coordinator” will be the only person authorized to make changes, additions, and/or deletions for the group.

The Outing Coordinators must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The outing coordinators provide the outing place with an accurate number of members or participants in accordance with the guidelines.
  • They set out the outing reservations and contacts.
  • They provide a list of members or participants at least three days prior, so that they may prepare the whole assignments and/or three times in advance of the event; additionally it is best to rate your groups so that quicker groups may be placed in the front of the field.
  • They have the players arrive at the course at least one hour before the scheduled start of the event.
  • They make arrangements for payment and make payment according to the contract; as those members included in the outing will not be having hard time preparing for the fees because prior to that, the outing coordinators should have collected the fees from them.
  • They inform the members regarding the club rules.
  • They ensure that members are properly dressed.

Skills and Knowledge the Outing Coordinators should possess:

  • The outing coordinators must have strong communication skills.
  • They must have experienced working with children.
  • They should have experience working or living communally.
  • They must have environmental education experience.
  • They should have hands-on curriculum development experience.
  • Having volunteer coordination experience is also helpful.
  • They should have strong organizational skills.
  • They must have and show enthusiasm.

Degrees and Training to Become an Outing Coordinator

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