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Brand Ambassador Job Description

Have you seen a commercial and ever wondered how come they always hire people that are popular? Well the answer is that companies need someone to market their products or services to the consumers and what better way to make this most effective than hiring someone that you may be familiar with. However, there are times that they also hire someone who can market the product just as effective. These “someone” are what we call brand ambassadors.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person that endorses the “brand” of a company to the general public. They appear on television or any public event to endorse a product or service to create awareness that would make the public patronize what is being offered.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador

  • Studies what the product is and identify the benefits obtained from it. A brand ambassador should know the ins and outs of the product they are endorsing and must be able to answer questions that are related to it. This is to show that what is being endorsed has been thoroughly tested and the brand ambassador uses the product or service.
  • Provides assistance to brand managers to identify marketing strategies on how to endorse a product effectively.
  • Deals directly with the public and provides useful information about the product or service, as well as its benefits to entice people to get their interest. Product demonstrators usually falls into these types of brand ambassadors as they speak in public showing what the capabilities of the products are.

Work Condition of a Brand Ambassador

  • A brand ambassador is expected to work in a variety of environment. This range, but not limited to malls, corporate offices and several other locations where it would be most effective to offer a product to the public.
  • Hours may vary depending on location as well. Regular hours may be required if a brand ambassador is assigned to a mall while night shift is for ambassadors who are assigned to bars for cigarette and wine promotion.
  • Since it is the brand ambassador’s responsibility to address concerns of customers, they should expect to answer several questions in a polite and quick manner.

Educational Requirements of a Brand Ambassador

  • Brand ambassadors do not usually require further studies after high school. But it would be very helpful to get a diploma in a course related to business management and marketing. Additionally, trainings regarding self empowerment can be of use if you consider getting a career in this industry.

Occupation and Progress of a Brand Ambassador

  • A brand ambassador can start as an entry level and can ultimately become a brand manager. Other positions that are open are product development managers and product managers. All of which are related to sales and marketing wherein you can branch out if you become effective enough in endorsing a product.

Business organizations need people to let other people know what they can offer and provide. It’s up to brand ambassadors how will they introduce the product to get into the radar of the general public. You need to have faith in what you offer and if all of the things you say about the product is true, you’ll watch sales go sky high and your career goes along with it.

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