Pathologist Job Description

In a medical field, pathology is the branch of science that deals with abnormal changes due to diseases in tissues, cells and organs of the human body. Medical professionals with specialization in human pathology are called medical pathologists.

What is a pathologist?

Pathologists are professionals who study the existence of diseases in a human body which includes the causes, development and effects of the disease. They examine fluid and blood samples in order to diagnose medical conditions and diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Duties of a pathologist

  • Pathologists are responsible in conducting lab tests so as to understand the disease in patients. They determine if the particular disease is present in the patient as well as the stages of the diseases. They also predict the disease progression and help formulate the best intervention in order to treat the particular disease.
  • Medical pathologists are physicians that specialize and focus with the diagnosis, identification and treatment of different medical conditions like an injury or diseases. The pathologists provide and explain vital laboratory results that may assist in solving a wide variety of medical diagnostic issues.
  • Pathologists are tasked in monitoring the effects of medical treatment and medications administered and provide the some important recommendations to the ailments. Many pathologists consult other physicians in order to assist the treatment plan and diagnosis for patients.
  • Some medical pathologist examines human tissues so as to determine the type and cause of death. The pathologist plays a significant role in providing healthcare education to many medical students. They are mostly involve in various scientific researches in order to have further understanding in a wide variety of health conditions such as cancer, birth defects and heart diseases.

Condition of Work

Most pathologists are employed in medical facilities or hospitals. Some medical pathologist may also find employment at government agencies, medical colleges and universities.

Educational Requirements

Pathologists should accomplish a degree from a medical school and obtain extensive training in diagnostic testing, clinical area and lab technology. Aspiring doctors and should obtain a satisfactory score from MCAT or Medical College Admission Test in order to be fully accepted in entering a medical school. Medical school mostly takes 4 years upon completion of a bachelor’s degree. Pathologists must complete an internship and residency program in pathology.

Occupation and Progress

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for physicians is expected to increase much faster than average for all careers, increasing 22% from 2008 up to 2018. Additionally, pathologists earn a median salary of $210,984 per annum.

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