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Paraprofessional Job Description

Assistance and supervision are the most crucial facets in a paralegal job as they help teachers by supervising children in different educational institution. Let us know more on few important details of a paraprofessional’s job description.

What is a paraprofessional?

Paraprofessionals are persons who provide support and aid to many teachers in colleges and classrooms. They work typically in assisting various department heads as well as senior teachers.

Duties of a paraprofessional

  • Paraprofessionals and licensed teachers work together in order to enhance the efficacy of educational efforts provided by teachers. They make sure that the efforts given by teachers in teaching different concepts to their students are properly explained. They help teachers in order to plan proper handling of lectures. In higher educational institutions, paraprofessionals may possess expertise and knowledge on specific subjects.
  • As a teacher assistant, paraprofessionals make sure that the entire teaching materials are readily available and the table is set properly before the teacher arrives. After working hours, paraprofessionals still performs other duties such as maintaining files, checking mailboxes, and checking homework whenever the teacher is still busy or still has no time in looking after these things.
  • Paraprofessionals serve as an interface between students, parents and teachers. They assist teachers when discussing about student’s problems and weaknesses with their parents. They also provide some effective measures in order to eliminate any problems that are faced by the students. Active participation in things like parent conference or meetings is also part of paraprofessional’s job description.

Condition of Work

Paraprofessional is a career that keeps a person busy. The duties of a paraprofessionals should display a positive sense and behavior with good conduct as well as a sense of awareness regarding basic rules and disciplines.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for paraprofessionals differ for different colleges or schools. Some colleges may require obtaining an associate degree. Candidates may also opt for a 2 years training at any colleges or universities and pass an approved state exam.

Occupation and Progress

The duties of paraprofessionals differ from colleges or universities. Salary range may also vary depending on the educational background and the student’s age group being taught. Paraprofessional wages typically range about US$ 28,000 up to US$ 35,000 which may also vary from state to state. According to United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, job opportunities for paraprofessionals will grow by 10% until year 2016.

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