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Nursing Assistant Job Description

Nowadays, the population of the elderly is increasing. This would mean that a good number of people needing hands-on care are essential. This identified problem is currently being addressed by the vast number of rapidly growing healthcare industry. Due to the demand of the older population, the healthcare-related courses and career are being known worldwide. One subclass of this noble career is the Nursing Assistant. Nursing assistants is also qualified in direct caregiving careers. They can be also called as “Nursing Aides”, “Certified Nursing Assistant”, “Personal Care Attendant” and “Home Health Aide”.

This dignified career is very enticing due to its challenging tasks. To learn more about this career, the details can be viewed when you go through the rest of the article.

What is a Nursing Assistant?

A nursing assistant is a one of the front-line workers in the hospital. They work hand-in-hand with the registered nurse. They are to assist patients with their fundamental needs under the supervision and the bearing of the nursing staff. Moreover, they are expected to abide with the system and protocols of the hospital. They must also live with the institution’s vision, mission, goals, and philosophy as well.

Duties of a Nursing Assistant

Under the supervision of registered nurse, a nursing assistant must perform the following duties:

  • Checks and receives articles/equipments from outgoing aide.
  • Accounts for all linens/gowns during his/her shift and endorses them to the nursing aide of the next shift.
  • Attends morning rounds with the ward nurses.
  • Assists in giving baths to ambulating patients.
  • Serves drinking water and nourishment.
  • Feeds patients who cannot eat by themselves.
  • Give/performs simple treatments like perineal care, SS enema, refilling of hot water bags and ice caps.
  • Measures fluid intake and output.
  • Takes and charts vital signs.
  • Provides specimen vials, signs, collects urine and stool specimen and sends them to the laboratory.
  • Answers patient’s calls and delivers messages to the nurses.
  • Provides clean linen and makes bed; serves and empties bedpans.
  • Scrubs bedpans and urinals.
  • Maintains cleanliness and orderliness of the patients.
  • Sees to it that all beds are complete with linens and pillows.
  • Tidy beds and bedside tables, counters, cabinets, and bedside chairs.
  • Fills drinking bottles at the bedside tables.
  • Washes glasses and spoons of patients.
  • Removes all used or discontinued equipment from patient areas and cleans and returns them to the central supply.
  • Maintains orderliness and cleanliness of the nurse’s station including comfort rooms.

Work Condition of a Nursing Assistant

  • Nursing Assistants can work in a hospital, health center, or a nursing home. They may also work privately in giving direct care to patients who are staying in the safety of their homes as long as there’s a registered nurse who supervises their work.
  • Their work schedule is based on their shifting hours, depending on their terms and conditions with the hospital or other health institutions. Most often than not, they are to work for at least 8-10 hours per day.
  • Most often nursing assistants’ work is done routinely. They are assigned maintain the cleanliness of the rooms in the hospital.

Educational Requirements of a Nursing Assistant

In order to qualify as a nursing assistant, the applicant must meet the following educational attainment requirements:

  • He/she must finish and hold a degree in Nursing or Nursing Assistant or Nursing Aide.
  • He/she must have valid license.
  • Training in any related medical activities and seminars is preferred but not required.
  • Having at least a 2 years experience as a nursing assistant is a must.
  • Related medical trainings and seminars is usually gives an applicant an edge in the application process but is frequently not required.

Occupation and Progress of a Nursing Assistant

The demand for nursing assistant nowadays remains high. However due to the immediate “boom” in the number of nurses and nursing assistants the demand for the next 5-10 years was predicted to decrease. On the other hand, nursing assistants who is a registered nurse can progress and be promoted after a duly conducted evaluation. They can be promoted as a nurse therefore a much higher salary would be expected.

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