NBA Cheerleader Job Description

A lot of teenage women aspire to become a NBA cheerleader. If you want to obtain this glamorous career, then reading this article is essential as it talks about the job description of a NBA cheerleader.

What is a NBA cheerleader?

The job description of NBA cheerleaders require an immense negotiation skills, patience, physical strength and have the ability to work within a team so as to meet their desired goals. They are persons who lead, cheer, and applause and are especially seen at any sports event. They are also enthusiastic and are vocal supporters.

Duties of a NBA cheerleader

  • As NBA cheerleaders, it is important to have a thorough understanding regarding NCS or CIF and TCAL policies and regulations and should be able to adequately enforce them.
  • A cheerleader is responsible in organizing and training many squads in cheerleading and should supervise its cheer performance during various games and during practice sessions.
  • Cheerleaders are also required to maintain orderliness in a crowd and also with their spectators. In cases wherein there is a field emergency, a cheerleader should act decisively.
  • Cheerleaders are also tasked on administrative side as they should maintain and complete detailed records especially when they are instructed by their administration. This may include data and information like a registration form, health form and parent’s waiver or permission forms if necessary.

Condition of Work

NBA cheerleaders are expected to have a great skill in leading a squad or cheerleading team. They should d also make certain that practice sessions are thoroughly met. A good communication skill is essential as they are responsible in leading the team. Some employers require aspiring candidates to obtain a certification which is granted by the AACCA or the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators.

Educational Requirements

  • There are no specific educational backgrounds in becoming a NBA cheerleader. However, a prior work experience in becoming a cheerleading coach is an added point.
  • During cheerleading sessions, accidents may happen anytime of the day. With this, being a cheerleader entails sound knowledge basic first aid procedures. NBA cheerleaders should also make sure that members in cheerleading team are following safety rules and regulations.

Occupation and Progress

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in USA, the average wage for cheerleaders is about $25,000. The wage also depends upon the employer and the reputation of the cheerleader.

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