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Notary Job Description

People may encounter a notary public or notary on a regular basis. However, few people are aware on the services that notary publics can provide. The job description of a notary or notary public is more than just stamping or signing documents as there are several functions that notary public is capable of doing.

What is a notary?

A notary is otherwise known as notary public. They are licensed public servants in a given state who administer oaths and other affirmations. They can also be delegated as official witnesses during document signing in order to stop and prevent occurrence of fraud.

Duties of a notary

  • A notary public is an appointed individual in a state where he is currently residing and acts as an important witness in the signing of important documents. However, the notary should only be a witness and therefore doesn’t need to provide some advices on either party that is involved.
  • Before signing happens, notaries must verify first the document and identity each signer. Notaries should make certain that both parties know the agreement’s ramification and ensure that the people involve are not forced during the signing of document. This particular process serves as an ideal defense against any problem on issues with homeland security and identity theft.
  • If both parties have signed the document, notaries will then place their seal of notary public onto the document and also sign the given document. Documents with notary seals guarantee the authenticity of the document in order to be called as legal document in the court.

Conditions of Work

  • A notary serves as an important asset to any businesses. The seal of notary public on relevant paperwork secures business industry against financial risks or impending lawsuits.
  • A notary or notary public may work in a wide variety of settings such as law offices and banks that deals with real estate and any other financial transactions. However, duties may also vary according to its jurisdiction. A background check is important in employing a notary public.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a notary or notary public, candidates must first pass a certain exam or attend any courses that are required by the state. A sound knowledge on law is also important in this kind of career. Proper training and certification from any technical schools and colleges may also be required by some employers.

Occupation and Progress

Due to the technological advancement, a notary public may soon perform their job electronically in an efficient manner. According to payscale.com, a career as notary public earns an average salary of about $16,134 to $77,281 per annum.

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