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Fundraising Coordinator Job Description

There are people who work for a living and there’s nothing wrong with that. People work to make it through their everyday lives and we can commend people who work hard and achieve their goals. But there are people who work for others, they do not get a lot but they feel satisfied by helping out other people and fundraising coordinators are perfect examples.

What is a Fundraising Coordinator?

A fundraising coordinator makes a fundraising event and it’s success possible. The fundraising coordinator performs several duties and responsibilities during an event and they continue to coordinate with several people and third party organizations to be involved in the actual event.

Duties of a Fundraising Coordinator

  • Manage a fundraising event by coordinating with several key people and third party organizations to participate in the actual event. They contact these people through any means possible.
  • Helps in obtaining the necessary funds that will be used in the event. They will have to use this money wisely by allocating a specific amount to each function. They will have to check it from time to time.
  • Manage resources that were obtained from participants and other clients. They will need to have basic understanding of accounting principles and use spreadsheets to manage expenses and make sure that there are enough funds to support the event and its cause.
  • Delegates task to individuals involved in the event and makes sure that each staff is able to perform efficiently and productively.

Work Condition of a Fundraising Coordinator

  • There is no specific time a fundraising coordinator goes in the office. The amount of job depends on how big the event is and work hours can extend longer than the usual business hours and the coordinator must extend long hours to finish the job.
  • This job requires several duties and responsibilities and it can be very dynamic. Working hours changes as well and expects changes done based on the schedules of the participants.
  • Visits the office or site of third party organizations and individuals that will participate in the fundraiser and would need to make confirmation of the people that will be attending.

Educational Requirements of a Fundraising Coordinator

  • A high school diploma is necessary to get a job in this field. Although it would be better if the candidate has a bachelor’s degree to be considered as there may be a lot of other people that would like to get the job as well.

Occupation and Progress of a Fundraising Coordinator

  • This position can provide the candidates several opportunities. Since it is almost guaranteed that there are several events that are needed to be managed. Organizations such as dog and cat rescue, environmental awareness organization and many others provide stable jobs as long as performance is consistently well.

A lot of people don’t just work for a living, they work to make other peoples lives better. If you want to get that natural high and take part in something worthwhile an still make money while at it, then you may want to consider this job.

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