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OB-GYN Nurse Job Description

According to the census of the US last 2000, a great number of females occupy the country more than a half. In addition, the population for American citizen is predicted to increase above 100 million in the next 4 decades. It makes sense that the demand for obstetrics and gynecology nurses or OB-GYN nurses is growing.

What is OB-GYN nurse?

OB-GYN is a term which means Obstetrics and Gynecology. The OB-GYN nurse specializes in preventing and treating health conditions that greatly affect the anatomy of female. OB-GYN nurses with good experience are experts concerning childbirth issues.

Duties of OB-GYN nurse

  • OB-GYN nurses who are assigned in the office perform a wide variety of duties that depends on the size of staff in an office and the doctor’s field of specialization. Typical duties may include taking patient’s vital signs, getting patient’s medical history, recording concerns or symptoms and providing assistance regarding the patient’s queries and concerns.
  • Nurses in OB-GYNE assist on procedures in medical testing such as STD and pregnancy testing. OB-GYN nurses are responsible in supporting the physician’s work by taking medical histories to their patient and helping in educating patients about health concerns, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and pre-natal care.
  • OB-GYN nurses also take specimens and samples in order to assist in various gynecological exams as well as delivering babies.
  • There are also time when an OB-GYN nurse delivers babies solely whenever the baby arrives before the doctor reaches to the hospital.

Conditions of work

  • The OB-GYN nurse should have willingness in advocating several options in family planning and participate in various procedures regardless on their personal beliefs.
  • Some OB-GYN nurses are employed in medical clinics where they spend ample time in answering phones, refilling prescriptions and preparing the patients to be examined by the doctor.

Educational Requirements

Becoming a registered nurse from any accredited nursing school is the foremost requirement to soon become an OB-GYN nurse. Candidates should pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing which typically last about 4 to 5 years. After accomplishing the degree program, a state board exam is needed to obtain a license and be able to practice in the nursing field.

Occupation and Progress

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in United States projects that the need for RNs and LPNs remain tough until 2018 with the demand for registered nurses being exceptionally high.

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