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Editor in Chief Job Description

From children to adults, there are times we find ourselves fond of reading books, magazines, or newspaper. Editors – in – chief are also known as the executive editors of a publication in which he or she is in charge of all the news operations. It is the job of an editor to set the editorial rules and regulations, report to the publisher, manages the staff and budget, and function as a public representative of the publication. This profession requires extensive knowledge and background of reporting and editing, but there are more main responsibilities to that. To know more if you can consider this as a potential career, let us discuss what an Editor in Chief is.

Education and Skills Qualifications

To be an editor – in – chief, you must work your way up there. Most often, you are going to start working through news – gathering operation as a newbie reporter or copy editor. It is required that for you be an editor, you should possess a strong command of the language and the publication’s writing style, have a sound news judgment, and showing a deep understanding and knowledge of the publication process and journalism ethics.

Usually, an aspirant of this profession should obtain a 4 – year Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or other related course. A Master’s degree may also put you on top of other applicants. You can gain your experience through working at publishing companies such as a magazine company. Working your way up to become an editor – in – chief would require you to develop the skills and be an expert in managerial and leadership which includes editing, communication skills, excellent writing skills, good organization, editorial insight and vision and others.

Primary Responsibility

Being an editor – in –chief is not an easy job because you are like the boss of the whole publication. There are professionals working under your management so you always need to be at your best and conform to your standard duties and responsibilities. The main responsibilities of an editor – in – chief include ensuring accurate and time – bounded production of the publication, keeping the news operation within the budget of the company, and setting the editorial policies. However, there are other responsibilities that you have to accomplish. You will be responsible for hiring, training, and promoting diligent workers, dismiss who are tardy workers, lead the meetings and discussions and debate to determine the news. You also have to coordinate what has been planned to get it reported and being presented in the most relevant and fashionable way.

Expected Salary

Because this profession is highly sought out or high in demand, the pay is also good. An editor – in –chief’s yearly income ranges from $40,000 to 180,000. However, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage of editors in 2009 was roughly $59,000.

If you really want to pursue this career, you have to be an expert in this field because it will reflect to your skills, performance, and capabilities. Editors – in – chief have a lot of job opportunities as they are continuously employed in all forms of media which includes the internet and television.

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