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Dog Groomer Job Description

Dogs are branded as man’s best friend and most of us have our own dogs at home. Regardless of what their breeds are, they are as lovable and ever loyal to their owner. They serve as the bodyguards of our homes when we are out or away. Because of that, dogs deserve to be pampered aren’t they? Apart from the usual bathing that we do to our pet dogs, we can actually make them look better by bringing them to a pet or dog groomer. Now it is the dog groomer’s job to beautify our dogs. Ever wondered how they acquired such skills? Or are you interested to become a groomer for your own dog? Let us find out more about the career of being a dog groomer.

Career Definition

A dog groomer’s job is mainly focused on bathing, brushing, trimming, and providing efficient grooming services for domestic dogs. Actually, there are no standard requirements needed for you to become a dog groomer. Training though is needed and it may last for some weeks or several months. The training can be completed through enrolling at a vocational school, on-the-job training programs, and also through online courses.

However, a professional dog groomer does a lot more than the usual grooming and keeping our dogs looking and smelling good. Apart from their usual routines, the most important role a dog groomer can perform is that they function as a member of a pet’s healthcare team by conducting assessments of potential problems such as tooth decay, skin disorders, ear infections, and many more. Most of the dog groomers have their own private shop where they are the ones who manage and do the hand-on grooming of the dogs. However, if you do not wish to put up a small business, there are a lot of other work opportunities if you are a skilled dog groomer. You may work at large pet – themed specialty shops, animal hospitals, veterinary centers, shelters and high standard hotels and resorts.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they have already placed the median hourly wage of animal service professionals like a dog groomer at a rate of about $8.00 per hour way back in 2006. However, their annual salary ranges roughly about $14,000 to 30,000 depending on the employer, their skills and expertise, and the depth of experience.

How to become a Dog Groomer

As mentioned earlier, there are no specific or major requirements needed if you want to become a dog groomer. Trainings are usually provided through online programs and some vocational schools. A diploma in high school is also not required but it can be an additional credential if you want to advance you career within the present company where you are employed or you it can also be possible for you to venture to other careers in animal care that requires extensive training like becoming a veterinary technicians.

Nevertheless, gaining a lot of experience more than the formal training is the most important thing to consider because dog owners tend to be choosy with whom they know are skilled at grooming dogs. If you are an experienced dog groomer, you should always keep in mind the grooming standards for all breeds of dogs. To add more, a dog groomer needs to have a lot of patience and genuine care for animals as they are expected to have high standards of cleanliness and professionalism towards their work.

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