Caregiver Job Description

by Publishing Team on February 18, 2011

A caregiver is a health attendant responsible for meeting the needs of an infant, elderly, or a disabled person, whether in a hospital or at home. They must always see to it that the patients they are taking care of are being fed, maintained clean, and safe at all times. Caregivers are very significant in the health care team but they are often less recognized. If you possess that maternal instinct and take an interest in the health care profession, then this may be the job you are well suited for. To know more what this job entails, let us read further details below.

What are the responsibilities of a Caregiver?

Caregivers’ responsibility varies widely because the scope of their job differs from where they are working or the situation where they are in. However, caregivers usually work at the patients’ homes and they assist in any task needed. They are likewise responsible for the proper nutrition of the elderly, disabled, and infants by being the ones who plan and prepare the food. In line with this, they also do grocery shopping so that they can choose what healthy foods they are going to serve the patient. Apart from that, caregivers also help in household chores such as cleaning, running errands, and other tasks in which their help is needed. If the caregiver is taking care of an elderly, her task would be primarily encompasses the necessary duties of senior health care which includes vital signs monitoring and maintenance of a log book. On the other hand, if a caregivers’ patient is an infant or child, the tasks involve would be to meet the physical and emotional needs by providing play and social interaction that would develop the children’s skills and reading.

What is the Qualification?

Actually, there are no specific qualifications to become a caregiver, however, on the job training may be given before they are employed or they can look for a work. There are also others who have obtained a nurse aid training at a vocational or community college. The nurse aid training is a 6 months course which consists of development of learning skills like proper taking of vital signs, patient care skills, and record keeping.

Salary and Working Condition

Being a caregiver has loads of responsibilities and most of the time, they are working on a bulk of tasks which is considerable. However, their salary is not that high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary of a caregiver is less than $18,000. Sometimes, when a caregiver is looking after an infant, she can receive health benefits and other benefits depending on the employer.

Advancement in Career

Nowadays, the increase in life expectancy also determines the employment which means that the need of caregivers will not diminish. Nevertheless, research has found out that most people who are in need of caregivers prefer those ones with a certification or those who are licensed caregivers. It is not a worry though because caregivers can be employed in nursing homes, as private duty nurse in replace of a registered nurse, or other related health care jobs. As what we have discussed earlier, we come down to the realization that there is not a lot of scope for advancement in this field. The only means where you can advance your career would be continuing your nursing education for another year and become a licensed practical nurse. If you are planning to become a registered nurse, you will need to obtain and two – year associate degree or a four – year Bachelor’s degree.

To become a caregiver entails a lot of perseverance, hard work, and sacrifices. You need to be strong enough to sustain the job if you really want to pursue on becoming one.

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