Hospital Food Preparer Job Description

As a hospital food preparer, you are expected to carry out the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Cleaning the food preparation area and the equipments like utensils and dishes.
  • Prevent food spoilage by proper food storage.
  • Able to prepare different kinds of foods according to the orders from the administration or/and the customers/patients following the approved cooking procedures.
  • The foods are either partition, wrap or place directly on plates to be served to the patients.
  • Put the food trays in over the food warmers for urgent service as well as proper refrigerated storage.
  • Tell the supervisor that the food supplies are low as well as malfunctioning equipments.
  • Able to properly weigh and measure ingredients according to the approved procedures.
  • Aid the cooks and other kitchen staffs in their duties as needed.
  • Wash, slice, cut or peel foods that are used for cooking as well as serving.
  • Accept as well as store the supplies of food and the equipments like utensils in their appropriate storage.
  • Store cupboards and refrigerators and have a propensity in salad bars and buffet meals.
  • Prepare different kinds of beverages like coffee, tea and cola.
  • Bring the food supplies and needed utensils from storage area to the kitchen and vice versa.
  • Distribute the foods to the servers.
  • Always have records of all the food items used and their quantities.
  • Give out menus to the hospitals and then gather diet sheets. Bring the foods to the nursing units or even straight to the patients.

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