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Brand Manager Job Description

There are different types of managers but all of them needs to have the same sense of responsibility and accountability to the job entrusted to them. A manager sees the overall operations of a business and is often the leader of an organization. One specific type of manager is the Brand Manager. Their job is to make sure that the brand they represent is successful and would generate income for a business organization. Are you ready to take on a challenging role? Then read on to find out what it takes to land this job.

What is Brand Manager?

Brand managers work in the sales and marketing department of a business organization. They often lead the development of a marketing plan to make awareness and raise public profile of the brand that they represent. They are responsible in analyzing the market and create reports to determine trends and make necessary adjustments based on the analysis.

Duties of a Brand Manager

  • Brand managers tracks and records any data related to marketing activities, which can be online or physical. Part of their duty is to create budgeting plans annually and the usual reports especially if they are holding different brands from the company.
  • Needs to coordinate with different staff within the department to guarantee communication and information is relayed smoothly. This includes the provision of the results of market research as well as the analysis of trends to identify what works and what doesn’t.
  • Monitors the overall look of the product and identifies the effectivity of the product through various tests before the eventual release. Furthermore, recognition of the advertising campaign that will generate public buzz is a primary role as well.

Work Condition of a Brand Manager

  • A brand manager usually works within business hours and in an office setting. However, due to the nature of the job itself, they may be required to be on the field to visit several locations to audit general condition of the product. Also, long hours may be required especially if there is a need to accomplish certain projects.
  • Brand managers deals mostly with the upper management and must maintain a constant schedule of meetings to provide updates. Interpersonal skills are also important since they would also have to interact with various people such as subordinates.

Educational Requirements of a Brand Manager

  • A brand manager should have at least obtained a bachelor’s degree in any business related program. Most preferably, those who were able to get classes in marketing have the advantage as this would be their cup of tea. But since this is a managerial position, it would be helpful to get an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) to get the advantage.

Occupation and Progress of a Brand Manager

  • Brand managers can look into a fruitful career if the job gets done right. Everything depends on the success of the branding of the product and it’s a guaranteed way up if the products you represent do well.
  • There is a lot of competition within this field. Not only those who are direct competitors form rival companies but competition can sprout from within as well. If you become successful you climb up the ladder and may be entrusted to handle bigger brands.

The people behind the product either make or break it. They drive the success of the brand that they represent and it’s up to them how to maneuver to avoid the usual pitfalls and eventually running home with success by getting it right. Feeling like you have the capabilities to lead a product campaign? Then this may be the job you’re waiting for.

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