CIA Agent Job Description

If you are considering this job, make sure that you are prepared to undergo a thorough investigation on your life, your character, and on how you make decisions on given complicated situations.

What is a CIA Agent?

CIA agents are officers that have been employed by the government of the United States to provide information about the activities of other countries that might threaten the State. They are part of small intelligence community that is strictly selective and highly protected from public eyes. Their intelligence work demands a lot of subjective thinking, in which, they may be able to strengthen the nation or put it at greater risk. High pressure is on with job since there can be conflict between your secrecy and openness.

Duties and Responsibilities of a CIA Agent

  • They study and evaluate relevant information and make an assessment to it. The reliability of this information varies since its coming from all around the world. They report this to the federal government.
  • They develop and research equipments that may effectively gather important data.
  • They trace any possible nuclear threats from other countries.
  • They cooperate with other agencies in order to solve an international crime and any forms of worldwide terrorism.

Educational Requirements of a CIA Agent

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is required for applying for this position. However, if you have a background of international studies, political science or any law related disciplines, it is also a good credential.

Skills Requirements of a CIA Agent

You have to be trustworthy and honest. You must have a sense of responsibility, and willing to abide on government laws and regulations. You have to have a reliable and sound judgement on everything that you deal with especially during complicated situations. You should know how to handle and protect a confidential or a top secret information and data. You must be able to disconnect your personal life to your assignment. You must be able to handle pressure and work effectively even the situation will not allow. You must have an exceptional analytical and communication skill in order to report accordingly the important information to the government.

Work Condition of an Agent of a CIA Agent

The working areas of the agents are unknown due to the secrecy of their job. However, their working condition depends on the position they have in the agency. The agency has 4 directorates that is compose of the following:

  • The Directorate of Support. This is the area that manages the administrative faculty of the agency.
  • The Directorate of Science and Technology. This is the area that brings all together the relevant information from open sources like newspaper, media, or television broadcasts. Developing of new products that enhances gathering of information is also part of the job of this area.
  • National Clandestine Service. This composes the undercover agents that has their specific posts around the globe. They are mostly the ones who are commonly known as “CIA agents”.
  • Directorate of Intelligence. They are the analytical area of the whole agency. They evaluate and assess the information and raw data being gathered by the undercover agents.

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