Gym Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 30, 2011

In this new generation, both men and women are conscious of their health and looks. One way of achieving a healthy body and stunning looks is through exercising or enrolling in programs that would aid in attaining this goal. It is the job of a Gym Manager to meet these demands and provide the best service to their clients.

Do you think this job fits you? Go through the job description and find out more.

What is a Gym Manager?

A Gym Manager looks after the overall operations of a gym. They ensure the cleanliness and safety of the place and check the machines and the equipments used are in best working condition. They also look after the performance of their staff.

Duties of a Gym Manager

  • A Gym Manager promotes activities and programs to cater the needs of clients. They advertise the centre to increase number of members through market research and commissioning. They are the one who recruit and train employees.
  • Gym Managers check the health and safety of the equipments used in gym. They organize the repair, cleaning and maintenance of these machines. They provide excellent customer care and would do anything to avoid losing existing clients.
  • They set goals both short and long term to help improve the business. They deal with the complaints, accidents and emergencies that come up. They deliver fitness trainings to maintain their communication with their clients.
  • They are responsible for purchasing and setting budgets to generate income. A Gym Manager keeps stocks records, use advance management facts to augment terms and cope up with the variation in the demand. They also have to submit reports to owners and senior manager.

Work Condition of a Gym Manager

  • Most Gym Managers work in gym offices since they have to make accounting and do administrative tasks, they monitor the budget and makes schedule for staff. They inspect the premises of the gym to ensure that the machines are properly working and rooms are clean and organized.
  • A Gym Manager works forty hours per week and is within the gym hours. They would also work overtime to finish some paper works. Sometimes they are the one who goes to clients to present the services and facilities they offer.

Educational Requirements of a Gym Manager

  • A Gym Manager must acquire a bachelor’s degree in business management or sports science. Most employers would have a preference for candidates who hold this degree. They must also have experience in working at a gym and management for them to be hired as Gym Managers.

Occupation and Progress of a Gym Manager

  • You need to have the interest in health and fitness to be successful in this field. One must be a good communicator to be able to relate to staff and the clients. They must also know the uses of the equipment and a background of the services they offer. Since there are lot of people who are investing their money in gym memberships and hiring personal trainers it is expected that the demand for this gym managers will increase.

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