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Eyewear Specialist Job Description

For those who have visual impairment, a regular visit to your ophthalmologist and optometrists must be in your yearly schedule. The ophthalmologist and optometrist give the diagnosis and the right prescription. After the diagnosis and prescription has been made, the patient or client is directed to an optician. An optician or also known as an eye wear expert give advises on the right fit, the right shape for glasses, right shape and style of frame that suits the client’s lifestyle. The task of an eye wear expert is not easy too, but of course if you are passionate in your work, it is definitely easy for you. If you think you are reliable enough to pursue the job of an optician or also known as eye wear expert then this may be is one break for you.

Functions and duties of an Eyewear Specialist

  1. Eye wear specialist help clients in choosing eye wear that is appropriate for their facial features and prescription.
  2. Eye wear specialist measures the distance of the eye surface and the lens.
  3. They advise costumers on some style features like color, shape, and style.
  4. They handle the placement of the doctor’s prescription.
  5. They communicate with the laboratory technicians and adjust frames according to the client’s preference.

Educational Requirements of an Eyewear Specialist

A high school diploma is the minimal education requirement for an eye wear specialist but a college graduate is most preferred by eye wear clinics. An advantage for those applicants who have taken algebra, mathematics, physics, and trigonometry as subjects is high. These subjects are helpful for an eye wear specialist in preparation for this kind of career. Though a specific degree is not a requirement for this career a previous working experience or training in eye clinics is an advantage too. Some of these clinics are giving trainings under licensed ophthalmologist in order for them to fully function in their career.

Skills required

The following skills are necessary to boom in your career. If you would want to succeed not just in this type of career, you must possess these skills because this can help you to become a good and an asset to your company. There are some who naturally possess this skills but it is never late for you to learn it.

The following skills required for an eye wear specialist are the following:

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Patient
  4. Observant to details
  5. Has pleasing personality
  6. Skills in customer relation
  7. Knowledge

Working Condition of an Eyewear Specialist

Eye wear specialist works office indoors with attractive, cozy, well-lighted, and well-ventilated environment. An eye wear specialist also can work in medicinal agency or small stores where they can entertain costumers and serve their customers. They need to be knowledgeable too on the equipment available in the store. Eye wear specialist works at least 40 hours a week. You can also work art time to some eye clinics.

Remuneration of an Eyewear Specialist

The salary of an eye wear expert varies according to industry. Median salary for an eye wear specialist is 31,000 USD annually.

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