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Guest Relations Manager Job Description

Today more people have a fast paced life. They are always running after time and do what they are tasked to do. But sometimes they just want to pause, relax and have a moment where they don’t have to think about deadlines. They do this by investing their time and money in getting the best service they can have in hotels, stores and restaurants. It is the job of a Guest Relations Manager to make sure that this guest gets the accommodation they deserve to have.

Below is some of the most vital information that you must know to be in this career.

What is a Guest Relations Manager?

A Guest Relations Manager is responsible in giving a warm reception to guests and make sure that they are satisfied with their stay. They can work in number of different setting like in hotels or restaurants. Despite of the diverse settings they have to work well in dealing with people.

Duties of a Guest Relations Manager

  • A Guest Relations Manager who works in hotels need to greet the guest as they arrive. They are also the one who checks them in the hotels; they give facts on the various amenities that are offered. They foresee and respond to the needs of the guest at the same time hear and resolve their complaints.
  • Guest Relations Manager gives guest the best customer service during their stay. They assist the guest in activities like making reservation, setting up travel and tours and booking airline tickets.
  • The duties of Guest Relations Manager who works in stores or restaurants is somewhat different from those who work in a hotel. Aside from making sure the guest satisfaction they are also in charge in reconstructing a store’s sales and competence. They analyze feedbacks from customers.
  • Guest Relations Manager offers deliberate direction to leadership that is established from analysis. They are accountable for guiding a group of employees to enhance the eminence, the loyalty of customers, production and overall operations.

Work Condition of a Guest Relations Manager

  • A Guest Relations Manager should always be present and visible in a hotel lobby as they interact with guest often so they have to be in their best composure at all times. They usually walk around the hotel to promote the facilities.
  • For the Guest Relations Manager who works in large stores and restaurants, they spend a large amount of time in the office to analyze information and make strategies to improve the quality of their service.

Educational Requirements of a Guest Relations Manager

  • The requirements for Guest Relations Manager depend on the setting they are working. Those who are in the hotels should posses a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or hotel management. For those who are working in stores or restaurants, employers would require them to have a bachelor’s degree in management.

Occupation and Progress of a Guest Relations Manager

  • For a Guest Relations Manager be successful in this career they should have a professional attitude, courteous, pays great attention to details and have excellent communication skills. They should have a clear view of what image their company wants to achieve, in that way they can properly execute their part.

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