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Hydrogeologist Job Description

Water is a vital element in life. Most people neglect water especially if they can access it readily, thinking that water is always there. But finding water resources is a challenge not just for the government but for the community as well. Quality water is needed to survive the daily grind. It is the Hydrogeologist’s responsibility then to come up with quality water resources.

What is a Hydrogeologist?

A Hydrogeologist is someone who studies the flow, distribution and the quality of underground water.

Duties of a Hydrogeologist

  • A Hydrogeologist’s duties may vary depending on where he works. But generally speaking he focuses on the underground water wherever he is assigned to work.
  • A Hydrogeologist is tasked to apply his knowledge on fundamental geology to be able to understand how the rock types and its structure in an area influence on movement and occurrence of groundwater.
  • A Hydrogeologist must be able to understand and comprehend geographical data, maps, historical models and evidence to be able to build up a groundwater system and land contamination picture or model even with incomplete information.
  • A Hydrogeologist then inputs in a computer the model groundwater flow, temperature and chemistry in accordance to surface water flow, geological formations and man-made influence.
  • The design and commission of boreholes and to sample and measure surface and groundwater is also tasks of a Hydrogeologist.
  • A Hydrogeologist analyzes information gathered to consider the effect of activities such as construction, mining, agriculture or landfills on the quality of groundwater and availability of the resource.

Work Condition of a Hydrogeologist

  • A Hydrogeologist does his work in an office setting. He may travel for site visits and may have occasional laboratory work. More travelling is involved if he has his own business as a consultant. Typically works a 40 hour week on weekdays and may work more hours during busy periods and when deadlines are needed to met. This kind of work may pay a higher salary if a Hydrogeologist works in an academic institution or private company. A Hydrogeologist works with other professionals in related field like hydrologists, ecologists, engineers and other hydrogeologists as well.
  • This type of job requires the Hydrogeologist to be a team player, can communicate well in written and oral forms where he can explain in laymen’s terms the progress of his project, expert in the use of scientific knowledge, mathematical modeling skills and IT skills. He must be able to work within the health and safety rules and regulations and is able to comply with the environmental standards in completing such project.

Educational Requirements of a Hydrogeologist

To be a Hydrogeologist, one must start with bachelor’s degree in science courses like in environmental science, science, engineering and other related courses then a master’s degree or even a PhD in geosciences, hydrogeology, geochemistry or environmental science.

A licensure of this profession is necessary in some states especially when one works for the public. This profession needs a wide knowledge, with good experience and a good examination grade to be able to make this a career as it involves scientific nature of work.

Occupation and Progress of a Hydrogeologist

The demand for this profession is increasing as not just companies but the communities are becoming aware of the need for resources of quality water underground in the society. When a Hydrogeologist has more experience and has established a good reputation in this kind of specialized work, he can put up his own business as a consultant. He may even share his knowledge through part time teaching at the same time. He may also increase his knowledge further in this specialization by learning more and attending more trainings, seminars and workshops. If he wants to stay in a company, he can become a team leader in his department and handle subordinates of the same profession.

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