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Program Manager Job Description

The Program Manager develops different means of communicating with clients to ensure complete involvement in their resource needs.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Program Manager does the research, plan, pilot, document, communicate, implement and coordinate any company programs for clients.
  • The Program Manger coordinates statewide research and resolution of legal issues that might take presents over any company policies or procedures.
  • The Program Manager is in charge of doing any statewide research to make sure that all company programs comply with state regulations and rules.
  • The Program Manager is the one who conducts small scale process of a safety seminar, obtaining inventories, and removing chemicals to learn how the process may require modification to be scaled up statewide.
  • The Program Manager is the one who helps with any hazardous materials that arise from production that need to be gotten rid of in a safe manner. Part of the process of taking care of hazardous materials requires that the Program Manager deal with state and federal regulations before the manufacturer can dispose of anything. The Program Manger deals with safety rules and regulations for the entire plant. It is important that people who are dealing with dangerous materials know all safety rules and that all necessary items be made available in case of an accident.

    The Program Manager needs to be sure that he trains a safety team and the safety team in charge must make sure that all employees are kept up to date with safety rules and regulations. The disposal of any hazardous waste materials must be done within a reasonable amount of time. It is a hazard to keep such materials on hand in any work environment. The state rules must be set in place before the waste is created in production.

    The Program Manager must have a good knowledge of the rules and policies that the state sets aside for these types of situations. The Program Manager must keep up with any new state policies that might be enacted. The Program Manager is expected to attend any meetings involving hazardous waste and company regulations.

    The Program Manager should have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration focusing on subjects such as:

    • Laws
    • Accounting
    • Communication
    • Computer Skills
    • Program Skills in Word and Excel

    Most Program Managers get their training while working with the corporation that they are hired by to help with the hazardous waste materials. The Program Manager must have a full knowledge of the laws already since this is an important part of taking care of the position. The Program Manager is expected to implement and disburse the fiscal accounting for the funds in coordination with the programs needs. Since disbursing the funds to a variety of waste disposal units it is necessary for the Program Manager to keep records of how the money is being disbursed in a fiscal year.

    Most Program Managers work closely with Production Managers to keep a breast with scheduled productions that will end with hazardous waste materials. Communication is very vital for the Program Manager. The Program Manager is responsible not only for the disbursement of fiscal accounting but they are also responsible by supervising the disbursement of the funding to the proper sources.

    It is important that the Program Manager supervise the removal and proper disposal of hazardous waste. The hands on approach insure that the job is properly done fulfilling the legal requirements and keeping the manufacturer safely within the guidelines needed. The government has very stiff fines and even a jail sentence for infractions concerning the disposal of waste materials that are hazardous. That is why it is very important that the Program Manager Take charge of the disposal program as this is a major issue in today’s society. The Program Manager such also document and recommend future statewide needs that can be helpful to his own company but other companies that are in the same situation with hazardous waste materials.

    The Program Manger has a lot of responsibilities and must take the proper steps everyday to protect employees from dangerous waste that could be life threaten. The risk factor is very serious as an employee(s) could run the risk of a fatal infection that could kill them instantly or by degree. This is why the Program Manager is one of the high risk positions for a manufacturer.

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