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Alderman Job Description

Wanting to be a politician? Maybe becoming an Alderman is the right choice for you, or you just love to have a title before you name (e.g. Alderman Frank Smith or Alderman Mrs. Monroe) now that would be awesome right? Read more on how to become one of the Alderman Council.

What’s an Alderman?

An Alderman is a member of a town or municipal assembly. Originally this title was used by the English, later on different countries adopted this term Alderman. Some Alderman’s are now called “Councillors”, sounds familiar now does it? Yes the word used for Councillors way back then was Alderman, since we’re talking about Alderman here and not Councillors we will tackle more on about what really is an Alderman in the paragraphs below.

Duties of an Alderman

Being an Alderman, you are elected to be one of the existing members of the council, appointed by popular votes is out of the question in becoming an Alderman. First we need to know what really an Alderman is if you’re still having second thoughts on what really is an Alderman. The word Alderman derived from the word “Elder man”. Having this title means you are a chief noble for a certain town or municipality.

In London becoming an Alderman means that you have to support your Mayoralty to the highest level. You will work side by side with other Aldermen and you are obliged to support the decision made by your Court, the Court of Aldermen. As an Alderman you are also required to support various activities laid by committees under the Court of Aldermen. You are also to attend daily meetings with Judges for the Majesty. You are also called to serve as a Magistrate on the City Bench.

In other words, you are the link between the Aldermen Court, the Royal Court and the people.

Work Condition of an Alderman

Expect an office at the Court of Alderman although routine weekly duties such as meeting with Judges, leaders of city committees would be a daily task of an Alderman, would mean a little trips from here to there. As an Alderman you can also have your own ward, you have the power to elect members for your own ward. Daily meetings with the Royal Court and your Aldermen’s Court is part of your job too, having a good talent in speaking is very good for this job, remember it’s a political job.

Educational Requirements of an Alderman

In British law, to be an Alderman you need to be at least 21 years old to be part of the Alderman Court, of course you need to be a British national to have this job. You need to have a vast idea about the city you’re living in. Including History, traditions and livery, and you need immense integrity both personal and professional. You also need to have a long list of professional achievements in your life. You also need to polish up your “people skills” to have this job. No exact degree needed, all you need is a good knowledge of the city and good diplomatic and political knowledge.

Occupation and Progress of an Alderman

Most Alderman Work in the Court of Aldermen’s to have the chance to work for higher offices, so the more you do your job right, the better your chances of being elected for higher office. Being a politician is how you master the needs of people for your city.

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