Military Job Description

When a woman or a man enlists as military, roles and responsibilities may differ depending on the area, department and unit in which the person is assigned. Some fields in the wide arena of military are Special Forces, legal services, engineering, signals, infantry, air defense or field artillery.

What is a military?

The term military is a broad field. Their work depends on the personal interest in specific branch of service; work can range from aviation, information technology, health care, management, manufacturing production and conventional combat armed careers.

Duties of a military

  • Construction opportunities are possible for personnel that are enlisted in military. Personnel assigned in this particular department repair and build buildings, airfields bridges, foundations, bunkers, dams and plumbing and electrical components of the structures. Militaries in this particular field operate bulldozers, cranes, graders and various heavy equipments.
  • Military personnel can also choose as a transportation officer. Their job includes performing and managing activities that are related to safe transportation of materials along with other personnel. However, certification and licensing is the general requirement for transportation officers.
  • Another field in the military service is the signal officer. The duties of signal officers include planning engineering, designing, supporting logistic, maintaining operational support and evaluating networks and electronic communication system. Signal officers in the military report issues, observations, concerns and suggestions to their superior officers and supervise electronic communication staff and other professionals.
  • If the military personnel have been promoted, he will then become a sergeant. One important job for sergeant military is to work as Field Artillery Senior Sergeant.
  • There are also jobs in military field for persons inclined with medical and health professions. Their work includes treating both women and men in the military service. The health care or medical personnel work along with doctors, nurses or dentist in order to provide health care treatment or medical services to the staff in military.

Condition of work

Militaries are expected to be assigned in various places especially those that are in the combat armed fields. Workplace may vary depending on the specific field and personal interest of the personnel.

Educational Requirements

The requirements in becoming a military may vary according to the field of specialization. For instance, militaries who work as a transportation officer require licensing and certification to enter in the particular field.

Occupation and Progress

Job prospects for military personnel are expected to increase by 9% according to the United States, Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Becoming a military doesn’t only give you a well-paying job but also instills a sense of fulfillment in serving the countrymen.

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