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Database Analyst Job Description

Nowadays the job of a Database Analyst is used interchangeably with a variety of job profiles like those of business analyst, systems analyst and reporting specialists. With some important adjustment in the job profile, the Database Analyst job description requires a range of responsibilities. A normal day in the life of Database Analyst is like a roller coaster ride which is packed with challenging, enjoyable and every now and then boring moments.

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What is a Database Analyst?

A Database Analyst works for large types of organizations ranging from stores to educational institutions. They are in charge of the electronic information that is found on computer systems in order to carry out the data requirements of the clients. They must ensure that the information is understandable and accurate.

Duties of a Database Analyst

  • A Database Analyst works together with the IT Team to construct hardware or software to perform installations, testing, upgrades, efficiencies, data storage and database growth. They work on database and code management as well as documentation and review.
  • Database Analyst works together with application developers to identify how applications work and test results. They create, develop and manage internal procedures for a variety of job functions.
  • A Database Analyst works with the implementation team to build, customize and suggest new solution to the organization and with the consultants to design and create database structures.
  • Database Analyst should adapt to unpredictable situations which requires an advanced degree of interpretative thinking to achieve possible solutions to problems. They accept generally defined objectives that require adaptive skills to make new solutions to problems.

Work Condition of a Database Analyst

  • A Database Analyst usually works forty hours a week. They usually have overtime since there are deadlines and user requirements that must be met. Just like the other workers who use their time in front of a computer terminal, a Database Analysts is at risk of having eyestrain, hand and wrist problems and back disorder.

Educational Requirements of a Database Analyst

  • For aspiring Database Analyst a computer science, information science or management information systems degree is typically required in order to be hired by employers. Moreover they have to develop commuter skills; a Database Analysts must also acquire writing skills and mathematical skills. They should be capable in using computers and have to know a number of applications such as Access, Excel and SQL.

Occupation and Progress of a Database Analyst

  • The job description of a Database Analyst, as we look at it, requires a strong mathematical skill and one should be good in technical knowledge. Those aspirants who have great interest in computers and maths have an opportunity to acquire an advantageous career in this field. The development of path in this career is stable and one can mount new heights in this area. Nevertheless, acquiring knowledge in this career never stops and so they have to keep abreast about the most up-to-date developments in the statistical, technical and business fields.

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