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Military Police Job Description

In today’s chaotic world, different crime incidents are present on almost all areas in the globe. With this, a military police plays a vital role in maintaining peace and orderliness in a certain place. Below are the important roles and responsibilities in becoming a military police.

What is a military police?

According to the United States army, a military police are persons who are dedicated in covering crimes which involve personnel in the military as well as families. Military polices is also known also as a specialty 31B in the military occupation. They perform combat and non combat jobs.

Duties of a military police

  • During combat, the military police have some similar duties with regular soldiers. They are expected to accomplish assigned missions whenever there are enemy aggressions. Military police can seek out and eliminate terrorists, enemy and some unit of oppositions in the battlefield. They provide defense in assets, military operations and strategic locations.
  • A military police provide combat support operations by doing an area security. This job involves guarding vital military equipments especially important ones such as ammunition and food. They are also tasked in providing care for prisoners at war including their transportation and security.
  • A military police is responsible enforcing and regulating various military laws present at wartime and peacetime. This covers intensive training in Uniform Code of Military Justice or the UCMJ and also helps in providing training for many soldiers utilizing the UCMJ regulations.
  • Law enforcement in the military is a predominant work for police. They are responsible in assisting military commanders in maintain appropriate military disciplines on their military installations and deal with many civilian authorities that are outside the military jurisdiction if necessary.

Condition of Work

Becoming a military police requires a strong drive in helping your countrymen in promoting peace and orderliness in your country. Military police ensure that various locations are safe for civilians and other settlers.

Educational Requirements

In the military field, aspiring candidates receive 2 to 3 months of training and classroom instruction which greatly depends on its chosen specialty. Classes mostly include civil and military laws, jurisdiction, accident and crime investigation, collection of evidence procedures, which includes suspect questioning, fingerprinting, using of firearms, crowd and traffic control, restraining and arresting suspects and defense techniques.

Occupation and Progress

Job opportunities for detectives and military police are expected to boost as fast as average in all professions. Quick employment rate is expected as societies nowadays are more concerned on security of the society as well as crime prevention and drug related crimes.

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