Junior Engineer Job Description

With every part of the world inching to advance in industrialization, so is the need for more skilled workers to handle the complexities and challenges of Engineering.

What is a Junior Engineer?

A Junior Engineer is an entry position for a full pledged Engineering profession. A Junior Engineer works under the supervision of an Engineer. He is not expected to function as an Engineer and is also not at liberty to make decisions associated with work techniques and systems.

Duties of a Junior Engineer

  • A Junior Engineer works under the direct command and management of an Engineer.
  • A Junior Engineer is responsible for checking and testing of certain meters if work is involved in an industrial plantation.
  • A Junior Engineer is responsible for distinguishing concerns, identifying them and attaining solutions to these concerns.
  • He is accountable in terms of sharpening his skills and knowledge on project organization, standards of engineering and scientific investigation and evaluation to be more efficient at work.
  • He is also responsible in maintaining the optimum performance of a certain engineering system or design, as per direct mandate by the Engineer.
  • He must be able to execute precise engineering proposal computations.
  • He must be able to devise, organize and ensure engineering arrangements and revisions.

Work condition of a Junior Engineer

  • A Junior Engineer can work in so many fields of studies in Engineering. For this he can work in industrial plants, technology firms, in construction, in Maritime, in infrastructure, in Architecture and in electronics among other fields.
  • He may lead a group of other Junior Engineers to facilitate projects and perform responsibilities designated by the Engineer.
  • He may work away from home, in that work assignments may require him to be near the facility.

Educational Requirements of a Junior Engineer

  • A Junior Engineer must have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in any Engineering course preferably with a strong knowledge of the sciences and mathematics subjects and English.
  • He should have also attended college in a university or school with a certified curriculum by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).
  • In general, Junior Engineers are not yet expected to be a passer of any Engineer’s licensure examination but it is encouraged that he does to be able to seek higher positions in the future.

Occupation and Progress of a Junior Engineer

There are more companies outsourcing skilled employees such as this profession because of its intricacies and demands. Being a Junior Engineer is a good training ground in gaining experiences to be more efficient in his job. As of the present the average annual salary for a Junior Engineer is as $44,000 in the United States. As any other skilled job, with the increase in experiences and knowledge a Junior Engineer can eventually seek for a higher position in the future. With a higher position, he can also expect a higher pay grade. As per statistics research, there are only about thirty percent of Engineering graduates per year so the competition in jobs is not as great as other professions.

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