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School Secretary Job Description

The School Secretary handles general office functions and duties and several school-specific needs.

The Primary Objectives of a School Secretary:

  • The School Secretary primary objective is to carry out basic office duties as well as school needs.
  • The School Secretary primary objective is to work in a clerical office setting as well as a selected grade-level school building.
  • The School Secretary primary objective is to carry out secretarial duties in public or private school.

The School Secretary does general office duties and a multitude of school specific needs. The School Secretary is usually given the assignment to work in an administrative office or in a designated grade-level school building. The School Secretary can work independently during the school year; it can be on a full school year contract. The School Secretary must have computer skills and there are some school systems that provide annual training for the office staffers.
The Elementary School Secretary works for the building principal or the building staff. The School Secretary records school absences, files student forms, processes daily attendance and lunch counts, greets visitors and answers telephone calls. Elementary School Secretary supplies help to the building principal by typing correspondence, using the copy machine, sorting the mail and scheduling the school activities in accordance with the direction from the principal.

The Middle or junior high School Secretary provides the same services as the above. The School Secretary can be assigned to work for particular building administrators and it depends to the size and budget of the school district. The School Secretary assists the principal, the athletic director, the school counselor and technology staff.

The High School Secretary does filing, telephone and record-keeping services. The School Secretary should do multiple office services to the administrators, the athletic department and the student activities department. The School Secretary is the first person that the student’s parents will see when they want something for assistance regarding the school.

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