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Clinical Coordinator Job Description

With the health care industry putting up more facilities, there is a growing need for individuals to work in this industry. One of the jobs available is the clinical coordinator. The health care facility needs to coordinate and organize the schedule of day to day operations of health care facilities. This is where the clinical coordinators come in as this is part of their main responsibility. .

What is a Clinical Coordinator?

A clinical coordinator monitors the day to day operations of a health care facility in terms of organizing, scheduling and evaluating specialized programs which guarantees that the practice being done is within the industry standards. They make sure that they meet legal compliance and that the standards rolled out by the parent organization are met.

Duties of a Clinical Coordinator

  • Clinical coordinators have several duties to fulfill. These includes in participating in activities that will enhance the abilities of the mentors. They also coordinate with other staff such as the recruiter and the account manager to provide assistance in selection, acquisition and certification of social activities.
  • Provides assistance in all the legalities that is involved in the job including the licensing, regulation and certification. This also involves the safekeeping of client records in accordance with corporate standards.
  • Evaluates implementation of strategic plans in accordance with treatment team as well as the source of funding. This will include in the management and counseling to client assigned by an account manager.

Work Condition of a Clinical Coordinator

  • The clinical coordinator may work in several settings. The most typical is in the clinic, working in the usual 40 hour work week. They will have to spend most of their time wither sitting down in front of the computer or standing up during coordination with other staff.
  • Since this involves coordination with other staff, expect to be under a lot of pressure as well as stress. Expect long hours of work as needed which can extend to working on weekends depending on the facility that you are assigned to work on.

Educational Requirements of a Clinical Coordinator

  • A clinical coordinator needs to have a bachelor’s degree in any course related to business or health administration. There are clinics that provide specialized treatments and those who are interested in getting a job to these facilities should have a master’s degree as this will be required.
  • Examples of specific studies you may have to take are life sciences, Nursing, Psychology or Social Work.

Occupation and Progress of a Clinical Coordinator

  • Clinical coordinators have a bright outlook. Out patient settings have increased through the years which translates in the additional need for this position. Several need is also wanted for clinical coordinators that are working in the community as well as out patient health care services.

The skill it takes to become a clinical coordinator is not easy. The stressful environment can make an individual go crazy. But there are people who are up to the challenge and would keep the job no matter what is thrown at them. But remember that the most satisfying achievement comes from accomplishing the hardest and most challenging task

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