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Cargo Sales Manager Job Description

The Cargo Sales Manager shall introduce the cargo product in the market and maintain sales and high standard of service to customers, control of cargo operations, recommend, implement and effectively control pricing, manage employees in compliance with the company’s regulations, policies and procedures.

Tasks of a Cargo Sales Manager

  • The Cargo Sales Manager maintains and expands business in the assigned area
  • The Cargo Sales Manager negotiates agreements and resolves potential issues or problems with clients
  • The Cargo Sales Manager expands existing or current customer base by recognizing and involving top cargo agents within the area
  • The Cargo Sales Manager develops business plans to maximize cargo revenues
  • The Cargo Sales Manager creates awareness of all the products and services in the area to magnify market influence and generate future sales
  • The Cargo Sales Manager prepares, monitors and controls budget to ensure compliance with set targets
  • The Cargo Sales Manager studies market conditions to pinpoint new breaks or prospects and possible threats
  • The Cargo Sales Manager develops sales network and price structure to attain targets and increase revenues
  • The Cargo Sales Manager implements customer service procedures to ensure customer satisfaction
  • The Cargo Sales Manager generate management reports for performance evaluation

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