Hospital Administrator Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 31, 2011

A hospital is a public serving establishment maybe owned by government, company, or a person. In most areas, a hospital must be present because this is mainly the place where sick are being cared, where assessments are done, diagnosis and treatment takes place and etc. Hospitals are rich with staff and personnel since their main goal is to serve and care every patient admitted to them.

Every hospital has its own hospital administrator. Every department has different functions to meet and purposes. It is important in an organization that there is someone who can give guidance to their day – to –day activities and a Hospital Administrator takes this responsibility. If you are interested to venture in this kind of job, you better start to read the article for you to be guided and prepare yourself since it has a lot of qualifications and standards to meet.

What is a Hospital Administrator?

A hospital administrator oversees different kinds of responsibilities or activities. He or she links the hospital per se and the board of trustees. A hospital administrator can be a he or she as long as he or she meets the standards and qualifications of the hospital or institution.

Duties and responsibilities of a Hospital Administrator

  1. Recruit and hire doctors, staffs, nurses, interns and assistant administrator.
  2. Leads in conducting evaluation among his or her staff.
  3. A hospital administrator manages the hospital in order to operate smoothly in the business.
  4. Coordinates with the staffing professional and assign their specific tasks.
  5. Hospital administrators interact with doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical member that are involved in primary health care.
  6. They may also coordinate with other outside professionals when needed.
  7. An administrator assures and checks that the over all facility o the institution is properly utilized and available to all patients.
  8. They also motivate the staff and the entire health care professional to function and operate their specific tasks at their best abilities.
  9. Keeps the hospital stocked with oxygen tanks, drugs, medications, hospital facility and equipment, gadgets and other machineries.
  10. They must follow-up orders in order to maintain the institution with complete care facility.
  11. They may also establish programs such as medical research and etc.
  12. They attend fund raising, programs or events, conventions and etc. to update their institution with the latest trend of medical service.

Qualifications and Requirements of a Hospital Administrator

A degree in any health related course, administration, public relations is an advantage for those aspiring hospital administrators. A master’s degree is also a big point for a hospital administrator. If you already have It is also important that the applicant has previously worked in a hospital or medical setting. This is important because if you would want to become a hospital administrator, it will entail you a lot of responsibilities to meet. This is also true because you have to update yourself from time to time your skills in managing an institution. The more you get or have experience, the more fit you are in this position.

Salary of a Hospital Administrator

The salary of a hospital administrator depends on the location and size of the institution. It may vary according to the institution’s stability and number of personnel especially the number of doctors. An average salary earned by a hospital administrator with less than 6 physician is 72 000 USD – 80 000 USD per year. But if the hospital has 26 or more doctors the salary can reach as high as 133 00 USD per year.

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