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Because of the rapid increase in the discoveries of modern technology, various gadgets are being discovered. When we talk about gadgets first thing that comes to our mind is the computers. When we say computers, it has different parts and function that will make a computer work. A Linux administrator, is the one who completes the security audits on a routine basis and also responsible in administrative scripting with Perl, Python and shell. This job is very in demand due to the rapid advancement of technology.

What is a Linux Administrator?

A Linux administrator is a person who plans and expands the current service offerings and also in on-boarding and migrating customers. The Linux administrator is also tasked to perform back up, file replications and script management for different servers.

Duties of a Linux Administrator

  • The Linux administrator is responsible for configuring, installing, deployment and health monitoring of Linux system production.
  • Supporting a small number of workstations running various Oss and supporting the office printers are the works of a Linux administrator.
  • The maintenance of hardware inventory and working with different vendors on providing hardware support is also done by a Linux administrator.
  • The Linux administrator is also assigned in writing documentation for the users and the system administration team.
  • Maintenance of network and network devices and configuration are also the works of a Linux administrator.
  • He/she also creates and updates installation/procedural documentation. The Linux administrator will also evaluate and propose new or improved system architecture.
  • He/she also responsible in identifying and implementing system-wide updates and fixing.

Work Conditions of a Linux Administrator

A Linux administrator is usually working in offices. He/she must also have the ability to sit for moderate periods of time working with computer. The Linux administrator must have the ability to wear telephone headset for a long period of times. He/she may also have some travels. Physical demands are minimal. He/she also performs out-of-hours maintenance and on call support.

Educational Requirements of a Linux Administrator

In order to become a Linux administrator, one must have an experience of at least 8 years in Linux Server Administration. The applicant must also have an experience in SuSE, Solaris and other Linux distributions. He must also possess the ability of gathering requirements, implementing the appropriate solutions and design. The applicant must also have an experience of at least 5 years of supporting Linux servers that is working in production environment. He/she must also have a four year degree course in Computer Science or its equivalent.

Occupation and Progress of a Linux Administrator

Many of these Linux Administrator advance by progressing into a position where there is a higher pay and have greater responsibility. Those who have enough experience can become consultants or they can work in an educational institution where they will become professors or instructor who teaches Linux administration. They can also work in telecommunication and computer companies as underwriters and can be promoted into higher positions.

In the upcoming years it is expected that there will be a rapid increase in demand for this Linux System administrator. For those who have gained much experience in computer field will have an edge to those who haven’t.

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