LPN Nurse Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 26, 2011

In contemporary society, nurses play a crucial role in providing health care for people suffering from illnesses and injuries. There are several nursing schools that offer various nursing programs. One of the fast-paced nursing careers is becoming a LPN.

What is a LPN?

The term LPN means a licensed practical nurse which is otherwise known as licensed vocational nurse in some states. LPNs are health care providers who are tasked on providing direct care to their patients. They cater the most important role in a health care institution as they are responsible in providing to the daily basic needs of patients while undergoing medical treatments and maintain a close communication with their superiors (RNs or doctors). Hence, LPNs are nurses whom patients are frequently interacting in a health institution.

Duties of LPNs

  • LPNs monitor patient’s vital signs which enable the doctors in making diagnoses and evaluate the patient’s progress. Whenever patients undergo a preliminary diagnostic procedure, LPNs are required in preparing them for the particular test like taking their samples, sending samples to laboratories and getting significant reports for attending doctors to examine.
  • If patients have minor injuries and wounds, LPNs perform first aid measures such as wound cleaning, dressings application and bandages. They also assist physicians in wound suturing.
  • It is the usually job of the LPN to administer medications or injections to patients. LPNs monitor patients with serious disease conditions. Being vigilant and keen regarding blood transfusion, glucose administration or IV drips is also part of LPNs duties. They also monitor catheters as well as oxygen supplies on their patient.
  • LPNs are required to check for the patient’s water and food supplies. They must provide hygienic care on their patient and instruct other staff under them to assist patients in changing their clothes and going to the toilet.
  • LPNs can also provide therapeutic back massages their patients. LPNs are also expected in preparing their patients who require surgery.

Condition of Work

LPNs are employed in any health and medical institutions like long term facility/ hospitals, health home, nursing homes, mental health, outpatient department and doctor’s clinic.

Educational requirements

In order to become a licensed practical nurse, aspiring candidates should pursue an LPN program in any accredited nursing colleges or universities. Prior work experiences are also required by some employers.

Occupation and Progress

Employment opportunities for a licensed practical nurse are expected to continually increase up to 9% until year 2018, according to United States Department of Labor. Obtaining a career as a nurse doesn’t only give you job security but also fulfillment being able to nurture someone in need.

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