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Organizational Development Specialist Job Description

Business development is the major function that an organization should carry out especially when it launches a new service or product. In order to properly commercialize services and products, an industry or organization hires a professional known as an organizational development specialist.

What is an organizational development specialist?

An organizational development specialist (ODS) is a professional who is tasked with the most crucial responsibility in getting new contracts and businesses for their company. The development specialist uses several techniques and methods for increasing and attracting the productivity sales. Their job includes lots of activities and obligations which are entirely different from a marketing executive. However, there are also some tasks which are quite similar to a marketing professional.

Duties of an organizational development specialist

  • Monitoring if the organization is efficiently operating is one of the major tasks of organizational development specialist. A development specialist typically spends ample time in analyzing the pathway of resources, where they are going and finding strategies for better use.
  • Organizational development specialists are responsible in helping their companies expand and grow by reaching out for new customers. They develop new and up to date business avenues for the company they are working. They work together with other organizational departments such as marketing, sales and departments of customer service.
  • Organizational development specialists are also accountable in gathering data about their customers’ market. They are responsible in conducting an intensive research regarding product development, channel development and product distribution.
  • Organizational development specialists also assist with other marketing departments in their company and develop new strategies in marketing, conduct analyses in business management and develop improved and new techniques in marketing products through different new and conventional media.

Condition of Work

An organizational development specialist is required to possess an inquisitive personality, and be able to manage time effectively with good skills in presentation and customer service. These professionals are often required to travel regionally, locally or nationally in order to meet customers. Employers usually offer a travel reimbursement or company car.

Educational Requirements

Educational requirements for organizational development specialist include a bachelor’s degree in discipline, business management or any other related course. Most employers overlook the degree requirements if candidates have obtained a successful background in sales and marketing.

Occupation and Progress

According to United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, an average salary for organizational development specialist is about $73,000 per annum on January 2010. Because an organizational development specialist is generally paid with salary plus commissions and bonuses, wages can vary extensively according to their performance.

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