Lieutenant Governor Job Description

The position of the Lieutenant General may be seen as unimportant, however that is on the contrary. This function is as important because of the similarity in duties and responsibilities with that of the Governor. In fact he is to assume the position in case of death or incapacity of the Governor to perform his functions.

What is a Lieutenant Governor?

A Lieutenant Governor is considered as a high officer of the state. There are different roles that he may assume in different states or countries.

Duties of a Lieutenant Governor

  • A Lieutenant Governor is to assume all responsibilities in the absence of the Governor.
  • A Lieutenant Governor is responsible for selecting committees in the senate. He is also responsible for assigning bills to certain committees he has formed.
  • A Lieutenant Governor is also responsible for giving the resolution vote in case of equal voting in deciding sides. He may act as a chairman certain legislative board and council organizations.
  • He may also act as a vice-chairman in certain key committees.

Work condition of a Lieutenant Governor

A Lieutenant Governor usually works in his own separate office with the aid of a secretary to oversee his schedules. He also has other aid that serves as his bodyguards and assistants that may help him in facilitating state activities. He overseas board meetings and dialogues all over the state. He may travel along with his aid as necessitated. He may also work long hours depending on the event and activity that he is attending to or should there be an issue or concern that needs immediate attention.

Educational Requirements of a Lieutenant Governor

  • A Lieutenant Governor must have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.
  • Since this is a high profile position, others are compelled to complete their Master’s Degree program.
  • He must also be a citizen of that country and a resident for a required number of years. The age requirement is also that he should be at least 25 years old.

Occupation and Progress of a Lieutenant Governor

A person who may want to tackle on a position involving politics must look into this profession as an inspiration. Not all will be considered qualified to handle a very important and demanding position such as being a Lieutenant Governor. Experience in several fields of politics may be one of the requirements to be able to have access to this position. His compensation package is authorized by the governing law of whatever state he is in. As a general rule, a Lieutenant General shall receive at least $130, 000 in annual salary. This position is as important as the position of a Governor in that he can take over in the event of death or any unforeseen circumstances. He must be able to function as a leader and head to be able to lead the different personalities of the different members of the organizations. These may all seem very challenging but the compensation and experience one will gain out of this job will be immense. He may also aspire for higher positions in the legislature or in any field of politics in the future.

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