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Busser Job Description

The Busser is responsible for identifying all sanitation and aesthetic maintenance for the productions floor of a restaurant, ensuring that all tables, fixtures and interior design elements are maintained throughout the course of his shift.

The Busser is in charge of maintaining the quality and ambiance of the restaurant during operation hours, ensuring the continuity of service by keeping utilities and accessories for food preparation, handling and serving outfitted at all times.

The Busser must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Busser will work with a team of hospitality management professionals and is responsible for food service fluidity and environmental aesthetics through a constant watch of tables, interiors and plating in a restaurant setup.
  • The Busser is responsible for lightening he load of all waitstaff, when there is an influx of service requests by processing payment, maintaining the quality of food service, order taking and plating for each table.

Skills that Busser should posses:

  • A Busser requires excellent communication skills and hospitality management experience, especially with answering customer questions about menu, restaurant history, food standard and interior.
  • The Busser should posses the necessary coping mechanism to work under high pressure situations in a pleasant and professional level, dealing with difficult customers or overflowing workload that is required to be accomplished at an extremely fast pace.
  • Bussers will work as part of the kitchen and floor brigade. You are expected to be a solutions oriented individual often using critical thinking skills to promote self-use and maximize productivity over exposure in different areas of the restaurant.
  • Bussers are expected to contribute to a dyamic working environment by being a team player and taking charge of responsibilities from other members of the staff in situations that require additional manpower.

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