MRP Controller Job Description

Every business should ensure that every products and services that they offer meet the quality standards and needs of their clients. Someone is responsible in doing this in the company and this responsibility is at times directed under the supervision of MRP Controller. What can they do actually in the business? Here’s what a MRP…


NDT Inspector Job Description

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) is a very broad interdisciplinary field. They play an important role in ensuring systems and structural components perform their function effectively. NDT provides a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality control. Nowadays, NDT technology continues to grow. Because of this, you might want to venture out being an NDT Inspector. This can be…


Overnight Stocker Job Description

The climate of new global business demands round-the-clock performance from companies who desire to keep up with the current marketing competition. Services and goods should continuously flow 24-hours per day so as to meet the client’s need in distant time zone including local customers working on graveyard or swing shifts. This demands the need for…

Overhead Crane Operator Job Description

An overhead crane is generally used by lots of construction sites because of its extreme lifting ability. However, an overhead crane is useless without a machine operator. Read on for the job description of an overhead crane operator. What is an overhead crane operator? Overhead crane operators play a vital role in the construction team….