Logistics Coordinator Job Description

A lot are involved in order for a company to prosper and achieve its goals. The company is divided into departments to focus on a certain task wherein the completion of each task will ensure the success of the establishment. There are several roles in a company that are important but are not always seen in the limelight. One of those jobs is doing all the dirty work that most people would rather not do, which is the job of the Logistics Coordinator.

What is a Logistics Coordinator?

A Logistics Coordinator is someone who is responsible in managing the resources of a company wherein procurement, distribution and allocation of products. This kind of job may vary depending on the company where such position is placed but a Logistics Coordinator is basically the one who ensures that the flow of the logistics process is done in the smoothest of ways possible.

Duties of a Logistics Coordinator

  • For a Logistics Coordinator, the position may entail varied tasks on the basis of the nature of the business of a company.
  • In a courier company, a Logistics Coordinator is tasked in overseeing the warehouses utilized by the courier company for the sending and receiving of shipments made by individuals or establishments and the logistics team and truck drivers that are also employees of the company, making sure that adhere to company policies and function within the budget given.
  • A Logistics Coordinator may also be an event coordinator in companies that need his service on a project basis. A Logistics Coordinator must be able to take into account the necessary things needed to be prepared before an event, during an event and after the event. These may include seating arrangement, tables and chairs set up and decoration among others.
  • In an educational institution, a Logistics Coordinator is obligated to provide information on admission to students and parents. He may also be required to work hand in hand with the school teachers in coordinating the school’s daily operations and activities.

Work Condition of a Logistics Coordinator

The working environment of a Logistics Coordinator may differ from the specifications of the kind of coordinating that a company needs. For a courier company, the work revolves around the warehouse; for the coordinator in events, travel is part of the job and may usually work in function rooms; for the coordinator in the schools, the school is the typical working place. A Logistics Coordinator works a 40-hour week. He may work longer hours if the workload is heavy and there are activities that need their service.

A Logistics Coordinator normally talks to a lot of people, hence it is imperative that he has good communications skills both orally and verbally. Other skills required of a Logistics Coordinator are: leadership skills, a great team player, creative skills, attention to details and customer service.

Educational Requirements of a Logistics Coordinator

The minimum requirement to become a Logistics Coordinator is a four year bachelor’s degree in business. A two year course may also be considered if the candidate has a relevant experience in logistics.

Occupation and Progress of a Logistics Coordinator

This type of job is in steady demand. A Logistics Coordinator can move up to a higher position with more experience; additional education will also give an edge to land a managerial position in the company that he is employed. Trainings, workshops and seminars can also add to the advantage of getting a superior position in the company.

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