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Actuary Resume

Jack Jones
123 Any Town · USA 98109
[email protected] · (425) 555.0139

Summary of Qualifications

Experienced professional looking an actuary position in order to apply honed skills in mathematical methods and statistical techniques that will help in gaining further experience in the field of actuarial science.

  • Has extensive knowledge in actuarial science which includes statistical analysis, accounting, probabilities, marketing, risk management and financial analysis.
  • Has solid training in applied mathematics through practical experience.
  • Has the ability to conclude outstanding accuracy in research and analysis (quantitative and qualitative).
  • Can consistently showcase organizational expertise through operations and administrative skills.
  • Can provide comprehensive financial and analytical reports.

Professional Experience

DFC Insurance – Any Town, USA 2000 to Present

Senior Actuary

Worked on complex actuarial projection systems. Implemented new financial measures as needed for different life insurance products. Simulated life insurance models, cash flow tests and accepted accounting principles for the benefit of the company.

  • Designed techniques for cost-cutting measures as deemed significant for the company.
  • Assured quality output in terms of making reports, models, measures, regulations etc. for the company.
  • Guaranteed the compliance with real estate regulations and protocols for realtors about conduct in the industry.
  • Effective liaison among clients, realtors and attorneys.

ABC Insurance – Any Town, USA 1997 to 2000


Handled four administrative staff and 60 insurance agents; directed the overall operation of a multimillion-dollar company. Administered payroll, managed operating funds, and overall performance of the real estate through databases. Managed and developed financial statements of customers and agents. Made QA documents to guarantee the fulfillment of goals and to meet expectations.

I kept the records of each tenant and reported on a monthly basis to the owners.

  • Successfully handled complex audits through an organized structure.
  • Able to assess all documents and contracts for conformity within strict timelines.
  • Gained managerial promotion through exemplary performance as an Insurance Agent.

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