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Medical Receptionist Job Description

In our daily lives there are different kinds of illness we experience. In order to cure this illness there are clinics, hospitals or even centers that you can go to. There are also people who help you cure it such as doctors, medical receptionist, nurses, etc.

What is a Medical Receptionist?

Medical receptionist may work in a busy environment such as hospitals, medical offices, in clinics and outpatient centers. This person is a mediator between the medical personnel and patients. His/her works includes answering phones, scheduling appointments for their patients and answering questions. Also this person is the one who entertains patients and writes their information about their problems related to their health.

Duties of a Medical Receptionist

  • When you visit the doctor this person is the first one you will see. He/she entertains and welcomes the clients and also answers your questions about your health problem.
  • Medical receptionist is the one who schedules the appointments for patients and also in the hospital admissions.
  • There are also many policies that should be followed inside the medical office. He/she is the one who explains the clinic policies to the patients while delivering and receiving the messages.
  • To ensure that the medicines have been given to the patients, he/she secures the supplies and organizes the materials inside the stockrooms.
  • Filling insurance forms, medical reports and discharge forms are also one of the duties of a medical receptionist.
  • This person performs all the duties that have been assigned to him/her.
  • It also includes answering phones and follow-up questions from the patients regarding their schedule.
  • Opening the office in the morning, maintaining the cleanliness of the receptionist area and also keeps the medical records organized.

Work Condition of a Medical Receptionist

  • Medical receptionist works in different areas. Such as hospitals, clinics, medical office, centers, nursing homes and health care office.
  • This job entertains clients so he/she must have good communication skills and also interpersonal skills.
  • Every doctor needs an assistant. So as a medical receptionist, he/she should be workaholic and responsible for his/her work that has been assign by the medical personnel.
  • This profession is a multi-tasking job. He/she must know how to balance his/her time so there will be no conflict. Also He/she should focus on his/her job.
  • He/she should also follow all the clinic policies not just the patients.

Educational Requirements of a Medical Receptionist

No degree is required for this profession. At least high school diploma or certificate in any medical related courses is highly advisable to obtain. However, those who attend medical classes have a better chance for this type of position. He/she also should have knowledge in the medical field.

Occupation and Progress of a Medical Receptionist

Being a medical receptionist also needs a hard working employee. You handle a multiple tasks so you should be responsible to all of your duties that have been given to you. Willingness is also one of the most important things that a medical receptionist should have. She/he should posses the ability to communicate well in order to work effectively with doctors and patients.

Always remember to build a pyramid of success; determination and willingness is enough to do the job.

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