Glass Fabricator Job Description

People marvel at the skyscrapers that abound the city and even the nice glass additions in a home setting. Somehow, a simple glass decoration can require expertise that most people tend to overlook, looking at the finished product only. But glassworks can entail meticulous work and great skill to be able to accomplish such beauty that is seen after all the hardwork is done. For this work, a glass fabricator is called to do such job.

What is a Glass Fabricator?

A Glass Fabricator is someone who has expertise in the glassworks of any building that needs such form for walls, windows and panels among others. He is responsible for the measurement, cutting, installing of glass that is part of the design of any structure.

Duties of a Glass Fabricator

  • A Glass Fabricator focuses his skill on all the glassworks involved in finishing a construction project whether residential or nonresidential. The work involved may be new, replacement of old materials or remodeling of a building.
  • A Glass Fabricator measures the area or read the blueprint of a building wherein glass is needed to be placed. He then identifies the type of glass that is best to be used. Such glass will then be marked by the glass fabricator according to the proper measurements, and then cut using a tool or machine operated by the glass fabricator.
  • After the specific glass has been cut, the glass fabricator transports the glass to the location where it will be put in. He then installs the glass using some power tools to make sure that the glass is mounted accurately.

Work Condition of a Glass Fabricator

A Glass Fabricator has the glass shop as his usual place cut glass using a machine or glass cutters. Though in times of measurement and installation of glass in the various establishments that such glass need to be placed, the glass fabricator has to go there himself. He can work in nonresidential and residential areas to accomplish his job. He can work for a company or has owns his business.

Forty hours of work is typical for a glass fabricator but can work more is there are deadlines to meet and is paid the necessary overtime pay. This type of job is oftentimes seen in construction area and houses that require replacement or remodeling of glassworks.

A glass fabricator has to have strong math skills in reading blueprints for the construction of building. He has to know what kind of material that is involved in completing a building. He also has to be strong physically as he may carry these glasses and other stuff to finish his project. Since this job entails hazardous environment wherein broken glass, heights, and other visible sharp tools, a glass fabricator should be careful at all times to prevent himself from being cut or injured.

Educational Requirements of a Glass Fabricator

A high school diploma is the basic requirement to become a Glass Fabricator. To learn the job, being an assistant to an expert glass fabricator is the first step or a company may grant the employee to undergo an apprenticeship program wherein most class lectures focus on the basics of glassworks, glass installation, mathematics, blue print reading, sketching and safety practices and an on the job training wherein the employee will them experience being a glass fabricator.

To have more edge and advantage in landing this job, certification from the National Glass Association is available. There are three levels of certification that a glass fabricator can go through to know if he is skilled enough.

Occupation and Progress of a Glass Fabricator

There is an average growth for this kind of work. As a glass fabricator can work in a company, he can become a supervisor of various glass fabricators or he can have his own glass business.

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