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Ghostwriter Job Description

One may wonder how politicians, celebrities and even famous authors can write so articulately well. In their speeches, write-ups, autobiographies and books, they seem to have the perfect writing abilities that one may somehow lack. It is often overlooked but not all of them do the paperwork themselves. There are other people involved to create such writing works possible, they seem to be out of sight and not credited of their great skill but their title is appropriate for them as they are called ghostwriters.

What is a Ghostwriter?

A Ghostwriter is an experienced writer who composes articles, books or other manuscripts for someone else.

Duties of a Ghostwriter

  • The main responsibility of a ghostwriter is to write for somebody that is in a certain category and a specific tone that is identifiable to the one being written for.
  • A Ghostwriter can also write for someone who has the creative concept or idea but lacks the skills on writing such concept.
  • A Ghostwriter utilizes the research materials, knowledge and experience of somebody else to put them into writing.
  • A Ghostwriter may collaborate with a famous author wherein he can be given credit or not depending on their terms of contract agreed upon.

Work Condition of a Ghostwriter

A Ghostwriter works in his office if he is working on his own as he is usually a freelancer. If he collaborates with an author, then he works with him in his office. This job may demand long hours depending on the deadlines set for the submission of the articles, documents or books. A ghostwriter may travel for needed interviews and research on the subject of the document to be made. He can write for any personality, like politicians and celebrities who have story concepts but lack the writing skill.

This profession requires the writer to have various abilities in order to be a great ghostwriter. He needs to have powerful writing skill, knack for putting ideas, experiences and information into words and can write about any topic. As he does his research and interviews, he has to have patience and great listening skills. Exceptional research, organizing and editing skills are added capabilities in this kind of job. In addition, good communication skill is desired from a ghostwriter as he collaborates with other authors to accomplish such writing works. The ability to duplicate a writing style of other authors is an important skill in this profession.

It is essential that the ghostwriter is trustworthy as he is asked for confidentiality especially in writing works that does not mention him as a co-author or credit him in any way in the published work.

Educational Requirements of a Ghostwriter

The minimum requirement to become a ghostwriter is a diploma in high school as long as one has the passion and flair for writing. But to have the advantage in this kind of work, an undergraduate degree in English, Journalism, Communications or Liberal Arts is necessary. Short courses on writing will also give a writer an edge over other writers.

A wide experience in writing can also benefit the ghostwriter wherein he himself had undergone being a journalist, an author or a freelance writer.

Occupation and Progress of a Ghostwriter

Most often, a Ghostwriter makes this job their way into becoming famous author. Even though the public does not know them, publishers know who the great ghostwriters are. Publishers are often the ones being asked by authors and personalities who need ghostwriters. Experience in this field is the key factor to progress in this type of work. The more experience one has as a ghostwriter, the more work is available for him. Collaborating with authors will also gain him reputation to other authors as he may be referred to write to other authors who need such service.

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