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Valet Job Description

The Valet can save clients’ time by helping them finding the place to park their vehicle.

The Primary Objectives of a Valet:

  • The Valet primary objective is to provide a positive impression to the guests upon arriving and leaving to the hotel.
  • The Valet primary objective is to find a parking space for the customers as well as retrieve the vehicle.
  • The Valet primary objective is to provide satisfactory customer service.

The valet attendant or simply Valet is the one responsible for parking, retrieval of the guest’s vehicles and customer service. Before parking the vehicles, the Valet must evaluate and then document vehicle damage, if any, before giving them a valet receipt ticket and parking it in the designated garage or lot. The Valet has to record the location of the parking space as well as the number on the valet ticket. The Valet has to ensure the customer’s keys and the tickets are given to the valet cashier. Valet should exercise customer service as their top priority. The Valet mostly works in parking lots. It is typical for Valet to be stationed at the front of venues such as sports arenas, hotels and restaurants offering valet services.

A Valet must be comfortable driving any kind of vehicles, whether big, small and types. Valet greets guests in a friendly and accommodating manner. They also answer any queries that the guests may have. Valet may have to go to short or long distances just part and retrieve vehicles swiftly. They must have the physical agility for they can be seated or standing position for long time.

The Valet knowledge requirements

  • The Valet must provide claim check as well as instructing the guests about ways to reclaim their vehicle.
  • The Valet must park guest vehicles in the specified areas through a safe and efficient way.
  • The Valet must retrieve the customer vehicles from the specified parking areas in a safe and efficient way.
  • The Valet must give travel directions as well as information to property events and promotions.
  • The Valet must give accurate and timely reports as well as documentation of the departmental activities and pertaining status that includes claim checks, statements, vehicle damage, and conditions that need attention.
  • The Valet must know and obeys all traffic regulations.
  • The Valet must be courteous in treating the customers and also in resolving any service issues.
  • The Valet must provide universal supervision to other valet attendants to ensure the effective and efficient operation of valet.
  • The Valet must deliver any internal and external service for the guest and ensuring all interaction.
  • The Valet must be capable of giving apt and well-informed service.
  • The Valet must help with the evaluating, training, staffing, developing, scheduling and monitoring of all valet staff.
  • The Valet must greet the arriving and departing guests; must open the passenger door of the vehicle and offers assistance appropriately.

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