Editorial Assistant Job Description

If you are an interested fresh graduate or a person seeking new experience to become part of a publication or magazine, being an Editorial Assistant may be the right job for you. Editorial Assistants are needed by companies in the publication industry. It is the first step for one to reach the pinnacle of his or her dream in becoming successful in this field. This article will cover important information you need to know about becoming an Editorial Assistant.

What is an Editorial Assistant?

An Editorial Assistant is the name given to a person who works as an assistant in a publication or magazine. This is an entry level position that performs different types of office or secretarial work. The work of an Editorial Assistant varies from office to office and may take roles in administrative works, editing, writing and many others.

Duties of an Editorial Assistant

  • Set written materials needed for publication
  • Perform administrative works such as answering calls, encode and edit documents, set up interviews, record memos, review paper works, and carry out different orders from senior staffs.
  • Assess manuscripts and create reports to one’s boss.
  • Work hand in hand with agents, clients and authors to review contracts and guarantee that agreements are being followed.
  • Set and modify layouts in projects such as pasting illustrations, writing headlines, articles and captions.

Work Condition of an Editorial Assistant

  • An Editorial Assistant will be dealing with a lot of orders and operations handed by his or her superiors. He or she will need to be accustomed to following orders as well as deliver results on time. This can be difficult sometimes because of the number of activities this assistant can do at a given time. Time management is really important in this busy job.
  • There will be a lot of paper works as well as reports that this assistant will need to accomplish. Because multitasking, this position is named one of the most important positions in the publication staff. The key in becoming a good Editorial Assistant is to have organizational skills because tasks can pile up in an instant.

Educational Requirements of an Editorial Assistant

  • A Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism or any other related field is the needed requirement to become an Editorial Assistant. Some aspiring Editorial Assistants apply with a Master’s degree and this advance in education is a plus for employment.

Occupation and Progress of an Editorial Assistant

  • Editorial Assistants play an important role in a publishing company. Some may feel handicapped without the help of this position.
  • Editorial Assistants have a chance of promotion after years of experience and excellent performance. After becoming an Editorial Assistant, the next position a person can be promoted to is Assistant Editor or Associate Editor. A person can be promoted then to become a Senior Editor and can go to higher positions in the future.
  • No high position in a publication or in any company can be attained in an instant. People will always start from entry level positions unless one is the owner of a company. What is important is one’s determination to become successful so that the fruits of labor can be reaped in time.

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