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Editorial Director Job Description

The use of media has become one of the popular and useful tools for product promotion and information dissemination. If you want to work within the media, working in a publication or magazine can be right for you. If you have a long term goal to achieve a high position in this respectable industry, you may want to become an Editorial Director. Yes, this position cannot be gain in an instant but if you are determined enough you can attain it. The information below will tackle more about this prestigious job.

What is an Editorial Director?

An Editorial Director is a person who manages the editorial activity or processes within a publication. All other staffs and positions involve in a publication are under him or her. Editors in Chief, senior staffs and editors are some of the positions that are under this director.

Duties of an Editorial Director

  • Approve projects and publication design for one’s magazine or company.
  • Research and analyze studies that would benefit the market of his or her publication.
  • Supervise the development of projects from concepts up to the end product which is the published work.
  • Develop strategic plans for marketing and sales as well as project development.
  • Manage editorial transactions.
  • Coordinate to different position levels within the office or the team that is involve in operations of the company or magazine.
  • Conduct meetings with staffs that are directly under him or her.
  • Ensure that standards are met and there is a continuous improvement in the work of the publication as a whole.

Work Condition of an Editorial Director

  • Editorial Directors work in publications and magazines. The job is highly demanding of time and effort because he or she serves as the head of all the staffs as well as he or she possesses the final say and decision of all publication operations such as in editorial, marketing, sales and product development.
  • There is really high pressure in becoming an editorial director aside from managing all operations. He or she is expected to meet high quality standards. This person will always be meeting deadlines and the atmosphere he or she faces in the workplace can be toxic and can really be stressful. The work of this person can be rewarding though especially when one’s work has met its goal.

Educational Requirements of an Editorial Director

  • To become an Editorial Director a person must possess a Bachelor’s Degree. This kind of director usually has a degree in Journalism or English. Companies prefer to hire and promote people who have a Master’s Degree and years of experience in editing.

Occupation and Progress of an Editorial Director

  • An Editorial Director is one of the highest ranks a person working in a magazine or publication can achieve. Before becoming an Editorial Director, usually aspirants start from entry level positions and they work their way to the top. Companies consider promotion and hiring for this director through years of working experience, employment performance and advanced education.
  • Years of hard work and experience are one of the most important factors to consider when you want to become an Editorial Director someday. Determination is one important value and the success in achieving this position will greatly depend on the outlook of one’s person.

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