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Environmental Engineer Job Description

The development of engineers today has played a vital role in the success of a place. Just for instance, civil engineers are partners of architects. They are the ones who plan and create a beautiful and safe building or establishment. For chemical engineers, they are responsible for providing us safe beverages, solutions, etc. electrical engineer who is concerned more on electricity and environmental engineers who are responsible for improving our environment. If you love to protect Mother Nature, then being an environment engineer is the best job for you.

What is an Environmental Engineer?

An environment engineer is a person who believes in the relationship and principles of science, engineer, and environment. They are the ones who protect the air, water, land for human usage and other kinds of living organisms and they reduce polluted sites. They are the ones who take care of facilities that must be properly studied like waste on water and air pollution control, proper waste disposal, integrates on the ways of recycling, protection against radiation, and other public health issues. They do not approve facilities that are harmful to the environment and to people. They also conduct studies on hazards and its effect to human and earth. They much have knowledge on law governing the environment.

Educational Requirements of an Environmental Engineer

For you to become an environment Engineer is you have to have a four-year bachelor’s degree. There are also those who engage in continuing education, master’s degree in environmental engineer or Ph.D. degrees.

Duties of an Environmental Engineer

The major and the priority task of an environment engineer is to protect, conserve, develop and enhance the environment. They do their best to convert all individuals to be environmental friendly and safety. They are the ones who conduct trainings and seminars concerning the environment condition and approving products that may be at use by every person without destroying the environment. They make sure that all aspect of human needs and resources are properly and safely done like for example for the water supply and treatment. Every one of us, consumes water to bathe, to water plants, to cook and to drink. That is why environmental engineers together with our scientist work hand-in-hand in analyzing the water supply and demand. They are also responsible in giving us safe water to drink. They treat water to decrease the rate of illnesses to eliminate contamination, bacteria and viruses to water. They treat water to alleviate the number of diseases from contaminated water and transmission. They improve air quality management by applying their engineering and scientific principles in designing and promoting designs of combustion to help in reducing pollution at acceptable level. They also control water pollution by foreseeing that all waste materials from factories, compose pit, septic tanks are properly kept and assures that these waste materials will not contaminate the water. Engineers together with scientists create a treatment system in order for it not to give water diseases problems to mankind.

Working Environment of an Environmental Engineer

Most of them work in the field. They do more on studying and analyzing. But of course they also work in offices with complete facilities that will actually help them in their research, paper works, and etc.

Salary of an Environmental Engineer

For an Environmental Engineer an average annual salary of 78,000USD – 83,000USD is their earning. You can also have other benefits and bonuses aside from that. You can also obtain a higher pay based on your expertise and position.

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