Jewelry Sales Associate Job Description

Considered as one of the most precious commodities in the world, jewelry is anyone’s dream come true. At any point in a person’s life, he may have bought a piece of jewelry. It is even seen in any part of the world. Many have so many uses for these expensive ornaments. Though considered a luxury, it is being sought after like any important commodity.

What is a Jewelry Sales Associate?

A Jewelry Sales Associate is responsible for entertaining customers or clients who are interested in purchasing expensive watches and jewelry pieces.

Duties of a Jewelry Sales Associate

  • A Jewelry Sales Associate is responsible to be familiar of the latest jewelry styles and fashion by educating herself using trade publications and other catalogues. She must know what type of jewelry to promote to customers in keeping with the latest trends in the jewelry industry.
  • A Jewelry Sales Associate must be able to entertain customers by answering their questions with a respectable manner. She must be able to give assistance to the clients in terms of putting out the merchandise out of its casing, should the customer wants to try it on. She must also be responsible for safekeeping afterwards to avoid losses and theft.
  • A Jewelry Sales Associate is in-charge of displaying the items for sale. She must be able to arrange the pieces in such a way that it will be noticed by the customers. She is also in-charge of cleaning the displays for a more pleasing display of items.
  • A Jewelry Sales Associate is responsible for facilitating the customer’s payment. She may process the cash or credit card payment. In cases of large purchases through credit cards, it is her responsibility to run a credit check to ensure authenticity of purchase. She is also in-charge of facilitating special arrangements and requests made by the customers regarding the purchased item.
  • She is also responsible for inventory of all items of jewelry in the store. She is in-charge of inputting data of inventory in a computer system and updating it. It is her duty to safe-keep the pieces of jewelry items. It is her responsibility to report any suspicious activity or persons surrounding the jewelry items.

Work condition of a Jewelry Sales Associate

  • A Jewelry Sales Associate may work in a prestigious jewelry store which may sell expensive and rare jewelry items and time pieces.
  • She may work under the supervision of a Manager. She may likely share an office space with other associates.

Educational Requirements of a Jewelry Sales Associate

  • A Jewelry Sales Associate must have completed a General Education Degree.
  • She needs to have an in-depth knowledge in terms of the cut and worth of every piece of jewelry. There are seminars she can attend to, to hone her skills before applying.
  • She also has to have an impeccable customer service orientation.

Occupation and Progress of a Jewelry Sales Associate

The thing about working in the field of salesmanship is that the possibility of other earnings aside from the basic salary is endless. Most of these sales jobs now are being compensated incentives, in that a Jewelry Sales Associate earns an extra income on top of her basic salary as she is able to close a sale. She may even go up the ladder of success to the position of Manager over time.

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