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Public Safety Resume

 Robert Public
123 Any Town · USA 98109
[email protected] · (425) 555.0139

Summary of Qualifications

I am capable of working under the supervision of a supervisor with written or oral instructions while supervising the conduct of prisoners at a county holding facility.

v  As a Public Safety Officer I am capable of assisting and performing booking and screening procedures of prisoners.

v  As the Public Safety Officer I will assist with the transportation of the county prisoners.

v  I know how to use the radio transmitting and receiving calls dispatching law enforcement and public safety personnel to the proper location.

v  I am a very calm person under emergency situations and would be able to handle several situations at one time.

v  I passed the California Board of Corrections written and oral tests have a high school diploma and have also passed the mental test given by the state examiner.

Professional Experience

County Jail– Any Town, USA                                                                                  2000 to Present

Public Safety Officer

I worked in Lemon County facility maintain prisoners records, compiling information and booking them.

I have worked with the Lemon County Sheriff’s facility assisting in booking and finger printing new prisoners. I also worked the radio system dispatching out emergency vehicles and law enforcement when needed. I have experience in maintain of prisoners while they were in jail.

  • I took control of the 911 facility training and coordinating for 24 hour service.
  • I was in charge of the clerical work, reports, and issuing warrants.

County JailII – Any Town, USA                                                                                  1997 to 2000

Public Safety Officer

I worked in Orange County facility with the Sheriff’s department maintains the prisoners while in the county jail.

I was a Public Safety Officer who served meals, delivered mail and in charge of the prisoners during their recreational times.

  • I worked inside the County Jail directly with prisoners directing their activities.
  • I maintained the clerical records of all prisoners their booking to their release.

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